National Shed Week!



National Shed Week!

I’ve just read that this week is National Shed Week, which is quite funny! I’ve looked at the website and there’s even a best shed competition…only in Great Britain hey?

Take a look, some of them are pretty impressive!

I have been meaning to give our own shed – or playhouse – a revamp for ages as I have been inspired by so many gorgeous pics on Pinterest. My other half remains unconvinced because of the work involved having to paint every couple of years but just look! How gorgeous?!

I am genuinely inspired and intend to get the paintbrushes out at the soonest opportunity. Watch this space…..

…..and of course while I am hard at work in the garden I will need a little snack.


Mini Carrot Cakes recipeThese mini carrot cakes taste just divine
and are such a hit with little ones.

Mini Carrot Cakes

Taken from our forthcoming book,
Clever One Pot.

Reserve your copy online soon!

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