Will we get a chance to celebrate National Barbecue Week?

National Barbecue Week recipes


Will we get a chance to celebrate National Barbecue Week?

I’ve just had a peep at this week’s weather forecast (with eyes half closed in hope) and it seems that we may, may have some sunshine.

We built a new patio last autumn and we are desperate to get out and enjoy our first barbecue of the year.

The children love barbecues too. They are happy with a slightly charred chipolata and a huge dollop of ketchup as long as they are outside enjoying the novelty of having a barbecue.

We however, like to be just a little
more adventurous than that and
try a few more interesting dishes

As it’s National Barbecue week and also half term, there’s no better excuse than to dust down the barbecue, invite a few friends over and get cooking (or cremating if we’re not careful!)

We have a lovely Thai chicken recipe to test for the 2015 Dairy Diary, so that’ll definitely be on the menu. I think we will also make these fabulous recipes (plus the obligatory sausages of course) – all will feature in the 2014 Dairy Diary, so watch this space!

Happy barbecuing everyone and don’t forget to dampen down the coals before putting them in the bin. This warning comes from a pretty scary experience!

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