How to find Dairy Diary recipes

How to find Dairy Diary recipes


How do I find an old Dairy Diary recipe?

This is probably the question I hear most from our customers.

There is usually an elaborate story attached to the question as people seem to be mortified that their precious Dairy Diaries have somehow gone astray.

Even though I live and breathe Dairy Diary, I confess that I don’t keep them all – I just cut out the recipes and keep them in ‘Mummy’s Recipe Folder’ – so I wouldn’t be at all offended if people admit that they throw away their old copies!

To find Dairy Diary and Dairy Cookbook recipes search the Dairy Diary recipe library  where you will find hundreds of fabulous recipes at your fingertips and don’t forget to subscribe to the Dairy Diary Chat blog for weekly recipes (some of which are from previous diaries).

There are one or two recipe requests that crop up
time and again. In fact, they have been so
popular that we have re-photographed them
and published them again in recent diaries.

Two of the cakes are listed below. Give them a try – they may become your firm family favourites too.

Yogurt Cake and Boiled Fruit Cake from the Dairy Diary

Dairy Diary Yogurt Cake and Dairy Diary Boiled Fruit Cake.

Both recipe can be found in the Dairy Diary recipe library.



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