Beat the winter blues

Pilates power and keeping fit this winter

Now the clocks have changed, it’s very tempting to snuggle down under a blanket on the sofa and vegetate until spring!

However, it’s important for our heath and emotional wellbeing to get regular exercise – a little every day if possible.

It’s not so easy when the weather is miserable, but I find that if I can squeeze in a brisk 20 minute walk in my lunch hour and one exercise class each week I feel much better (and can eat the odd naughty thing too!)

I ADORE zumba and try to get to a class weekly but if my hectic schedule prevents this then I dig out my zumba DVD at home to shimmy and cha cha my way around the living room!


Pilates Power

Another wonderful exercise for mind and body (and one which my physio recommends) is pilates.

Check out these pilates tips from next year’s Dairy Diary – it’s attainable but really powerful stuff.

Enjoy keeping fit guys!


Quick curry from the Dairy DiaryAnd for some comforting but healthy
food try this super-quick curry.

Takes just 20 mins to make
Calories 256 per portion
Suitable for freezing

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