3 fabulous home-made skincare treatments

3 fabulous home-made skincare treatments

Beauty on a budget: homemade hand treatments that don’t cost a packet.

With household budgets under increasing strain, it’s hard to justify spending a small fortune on expensive skincare treatments.

But thankfully there is a way to pamper yourself without breaking the bank.

The latest edition of Britain’s best-selling diary series contains some homemade hand treatments that are made from everyday ingredients.

“We use our hands all day, every day, and since they are constantly exposed, and work so hard, it’s not surprising that they tend to show signs of ageing before other parts of the body. Looking after them well prevents this from happening but it’s all too easy to neglect them.

“However, just a few minutes’ attention with these homemade products, supplemented with exercise, can go some way towards giving your hands the care they need to stave off the effects of everyday life.”

Here are three quick and simple hand treatments you can make yourself.

Strawberry Hand Scrub
This is a treatment to smooth and soften your hands. Strawberries contain a natural fruit acid that aids exfoliation and boosts the freshness of your skin.
• Strawberries 8-10
• Olive Oil 2 tbsp
• Coarse Sea Salt 1 tsp
Mash all the ingredients together until they form a paste. Rub this into your hands and leave for two minutes. Rinse off well with cool water and pat your hands dry with a soft towel. Moisturise the skin well. Use the scrub once a week or whenever your hands are feeling rough or dry.

Rose Handcream
Moisture-retaining glycerine (available from chemists) keeps your hands nourished, while rose water is a gentle tonic for skin.
• Glycerin 6 tbsp
• Rose Water 150ml (1/4 pint)
• Vitamin E Oil 1 tbsp, optional
Pour all the ingredients into an empty screw-top bottle, or a tub with a secure but easily removable lid, and shake well to mix. Store in a cool place. Apply a 10 pence-sized blob as often as needed. Shake well before use.

Almond Hand Softener
Almond oil is packed with antioxidants, which means that as well as softening skin, it fights the effects of ageing. Honey is both moisturising and antiseptic, helping to rehydrate and cleanse the skin.
• Almond Oil 2 tsp
• Clear Honey 1 tsp
• Cotton Gloves
Mix together the almond oil and honey and massage on to your hands. It’s best to leave this lotion on overnight, so wear cotton gloves while you sleep (or you could use cotton socks instead). In the morning rinse off the softener with warm water and pat your hands dry.

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