Your Holiday Checklist

We have just enjoyed a wonderful family holiday in Mallorca, which really helped me to relax and forget the stresses and strains of everyday life.

However, I felt more stressed than ever in the week before I went, trying to remember everything I had to do and pack.

Packing for a family holiday

This year, I have vowed to make a holiday packing list, laminate it and keep it in the suitcase so I don’t have to try and think about it each and every year.

To save you the job, here is the Dairy Diary’s list on what to remember and what to take:

Before you go

  • Check all passports, EHIC cards are up to date and you have any necessary visas
  • Book pets into kennels
  • Order currency
  • Book airport transfer or parking
  • Research your destination; where to visit, what to prepare for; what to avoid
  • Take out travel insurance (and leave a copy with a friend or relative)
  • Book your transfers/car hire at your destination

Dairy Diary Holiday Checklist

Have a wonderful time!

Shrewsbury BiscuitsAnd something to take on the plane/bus/car…

Shrewsbury Biscuits
from Around Britain
Dairy Cookbook



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