Father’s Day Food

Father's Day recipes

As you will probably know, Sunday is Father’s Day. Unlike Mothering Sunday, its origins are uncertain.

It is believed to have begun in the state of Washington in the USA in 1907, when Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to recognise the efforts of her father after her mother died giving birth to her sixth child.

As her father’s birthday was in June, she chose to hold the first Father’s Day celebrations on the 19th June 1910.

In 1972 the President, Richard Nixon, established that Father`s Day (by signing a congressional resolution) would be held on the third Sunday in June each year. Many countries have followed this tradition including Great Britain.

How will you be celebrating?

My children are lucky enough to enjoy Father’s day with their dad in Majorca as we are jetting off on our holiday on Friday. I am sure he won’t object to a picnic on the beach followed by a cool off in the sea to celebrate his special day – and he certainly deserves it!

So, for my dad we are going to postpone for a week and then I am going to treat him to some delectable dishes. These are my Father’s Day choices.

Don’t forget to get the children involved in the preparation. It will make it even more special!

I hope your dad or other half enjoy them too.


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