Afresco dining in the peak district

Having just enjoying a bite to eat in the sunshine, I am getting all fired-up about alfresco dining.

To be honest, if you are sat in dappled sunshine, overlooking a beautiful view, with the birds twittering (in the old fashioned sense of the word!) above, you can eat almost anything and it tastes delicious.

Enid Blyton was right – food
really does taste better outdoors!

We have lots of opportunities to eat outdoors during the next fortnight. Let’s just hope the infamous British weather is kind to us.

I don’t think anyone can possibly have failed to notice the impending diamond jubilee.
In fact, you would need to have lived in a rabbit warren with your ears full of cheese for the last six months to have missed it! Though much hyped, whether you are royalist or not, I think it is a great opportunity to get together with friends and acquaintances and – for once – just relax and enjoy a good chat, whilst dining alfresco.

We are lucky enough to have been invited to our friends’ jubilee party (so we don’t have to do the clearing up afterwards!) and I am already picturing what I am going to cook.

I will definitely be making white chocolate cake pops dipped in blue and red sprinkles for the children. I can’t go wrong with a sponge cake (I might do coffee) topped with buttercream, strawberries and blueberries to reflect the Union Flag.

I’m also thinking about some potato skins with a trio of dips – a soured cream (white) and a salsa (red). I am just stuck for inspirations for the blue. I might have to cheat and opt for blue cheese, even if it wouldn’t look very blue!

Win Baked & Delicious baking books with silicone bakeware.
PLEASE do let me know what you are planning for your jubilee celebrations. Post your pictures on our Facebook page. We have a set of our new baking books (with silicone bakeware) for those who post the best pics.

It’s also National Barbeque Week this week
This gives us another excuse to get out in the garden. Or you can do what we did last weekend and escape out to the beach or countryside with a portable barbie.

We sat supping a glass of red, roasting sausages overlooking the stunning Peak District, it was idyllic. Just make sure you find a big stone on which to balance your barbeque so that you don’t scorch the grass!

Have a wonderful extended weekend, whatever you may do!

Here are some gorgeous jubilee recipes for you to try. For the traditional red, white AND blue, add a few blueberries too.

Summer desserts recipes

Strawberry Pavlova

Honey Blancmange

Summer Pudding

Berry Tart

All these – plus many more – traditional British recipes can be found in the new edition Dairy Book of Home Cookery available NOW!

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