Behind the scenes of the Dairy Diary – meet the Managing Editor

Once a month, I will give you a behind the scenes look at the Dairy Diary and meet the team. We are a small group but each one of us very different…..this week me, Emily.

Emily Davenport, Dairy Diary Managing EditorEmily Davenport
I am Managing Editor of the Dairy Diary and Dairy Cookbooks. I am also Media Manager for Eaglemoss Consumer Publications.I have worked with Dairy Diary since 1999 and it was my first ‘proper’ job since leaving uni. Here are a few facts about me:

What is your role within Dairy Diary?
As Managing Editor, my main role is to come up with new book ideas, plan each book, put a team together to work on it and ensure it’s produced to quality, time and budget. I also manage the social media, public relations and assist with marketing and production issues too. Oh and I make the coffee!

What’s the best thing about working on Dairy Diary?
The variety – every day is different. Because we are such a small team, I get involved in every aspect of each project.

What’s the worst thing about working on Dairy Diary?
Working with food all the time – it makes me want to eat constantly!

Emily Davenport, LinoprinterTell us something we don’t know about you
I am really good at reverse parking but really bad at making lasagne!

In my spare time I am a linoprinter; at the moment I am producing small single-colour animal prints.

What are your favourite things in life?
My children – Isaac, Jasmine and Maisy; my fiancé Rich; laughing; good food, good wine, countryside walks and lino printing.

What is your favourite Dairy Diary or Dairy Cookbook recipe?
Very difficult to choose just one! Probably lamb shanks following by tiramisu. I made both of these on my first date with my fiancé!


Lamb Shanks recipeLamb Shanks
a favourite dish from
The Dairy Book of Home Cookery.


Tirimusu recipeTiramisu
This tiramisu recipe is taken from Just One Pot Dairy Cookbook, and is available to buy online for just £7.00. Using only one ‘pot’ per recipe it is full of easy meals – and very little washing up!
If you would like one, hurry! Stocks are running low.

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