100 Things to do with Children (even when it’s raining!)

Try a night at the museum

Didn’t everything seem magical as a child? Days were longer and sunnier, grass was greener, and in my day meadows still existed!

Despite the nation’s obsession with reality TV, computer games and the internet…

I am determined to ensure
my children’s childhoods
are just as magical,
carefree and fun.

This weekend is Museums at Night Weekend

This sounds really exciting (though potentially spooky at somewhere like the Natural History Museum!) with different events all over the country. Including: Dust off your art books and exchange them for fresh ones at The Crescent in Scarborough, join other sketchers for a live drawing session at The Liver, or heat things up with a spot of raku firing at The Biscuit Factory.

Though I really fancy the art book swap, it’s a bit far for us to trek, so we will opt for Bizarre Bazaar and Return of the Leeches at our local museum, The Brampton – sounds intriguing!

The National Trust have also launched a venture to encourage children to play, with their 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾ list.

This includes: run around in the rain; eat an apple picked straight from the tree; feed a bird from your hand; visit an island and find some frogspawn. I’m afraid there are a couple of there that I am too late to achieve: find a geocache (never existed before I was 11¾) and bring up a butterfly.

Luckily I can tick all the others off my list (25 years late!) The most memorable for me must be go on a nature walk at night. With my parents and cousin, we walked along a Canadian highway lit by the light of a full moon with the local forest ranger. He called to some local wolves, who all howled back (including their pups). It was breathtaking!

So what of the 50 things will you do with your children or grandchildren this weekend?
Or will you opt for a drier option indoors at the museum? I’d love to know!

Pigs in blankets recipe.Don’t forget to take your picnic:
try this popular Pigs in Blanket
recipe – made with bread blankets
it makes for great finger food.

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