Spring Beauty in a Basket

Spring Beauty in a Basket

Brighten up your patio or garden in spring with a hanging basket full of colour

Sp[ring Beauty in a BasketPosition it where it can be seen easily and where it can catch the sun.

  • Avoid a windy area where the basket could swing too much.
  • Plant in early spring for flowering in March and April.
  • Planting should take an hour or two.

What you need

Four to six pots of Narcissus ‘Hawera’ with the leaves just showing.
Four to six pots of pansies (Viola).
Three or four pots of grape hyacinths (Muscari).
One plant of Senecio cineraria ‘Silver Dust’.

Hanging basket with chains and hook – if you can’t find a blue one, buy an ordinary brown one and paint it with a non-toxic proprietary wood paint.
Hanging-basket liner (plastic, felt, hessian or moulded paper).
Potting compost. Trowel.

1 Line the basket with the liner, pricking small holes through if necessary. Half-fill with compost.

2 Plant the senecio first, at the back of the basket. Firm in then top up with more compost.

3 Plant the narcissi next, spreading them around the centre of the basket and to the sides. Again, firm in and top up with compost. Plant the grape hyacinths in the same way, placing them in front of the narcissi.

4 Finally, plant the pansies, setting them at intervals around the front of the basket. Firm in, then top up with compost to within 4cm (1½in) of the rim of the basket. Water thoroughly.

5 Hang the basket securely from the branch of a tree, or in any position in the garden that gets a reasonable amount of sun.

Tip If the narcissi start to droop – or are suffering in the wind – support them with thin canes and soft string.

Notes When the flowering display is over, and the leaves of the narcissi have turned brown, transplant the pansies and senecio to a sunny spot in the garden – or to a pot. Dry off and clean the bulbs and keep in a dry, dark place until autumn, when they can be potted up again.

Aftercare Keep the basket well watered. Deadhead the flowers as they wither.

Project taken from Seasonal Garden Ideas.


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