Children’s birthday baking

Birthday pirate ship

Today is my son’s 4th birthday and I have had a very busy weekend baking and partying.

I have such fond memories of my own homemade birthday cakes as child; I was determined to make my own.

Despite loathing cooking, my mum made me a magical cake creation every single year, with themes ranging from hedgehogs, to trains and castles. As we were having a pirate party, I attempted a pirate ship to grace the centre of the party table. It really was very simple: a chocolate sponge (from the new Dairy Book of Home cookery) covered with chocolate buttercream; with Polo mints and Rolos for portholes; and paper on skewers for sails.

It only cost a couple of pounds to make, which was much much cheaper than a shop-bought cake, but the main thing was Isaac loved it.

Baking is now so trendy, and such big business, with many individuals starting their own businesses selling celebration cakes and cupcakes. I am definitely not at that level to say the least, but it was such a joy to see the look on my little one’s face when he saw his very own pirate ship cake.

I would love to see pictures birthday cakes you have made for your children or grandchildren. Next on the list, Christmas cake, I had better get my skates on! You may not want to make this into a pirate ship! So here’s the conventional recipe for Chocolate Layer Cake.

Chocolate Layer CakeChocolate Layer Cake
Recipe taken from
The Dairy Book of Home Cookery

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