Did you enjoy Bonfire night?


So, did you all enjoy Bonfire night; oooing and aaaaahing at the spectacle adorning our skies?

I must admit, when it comes to fireworks, I have never grown up. I simply love them.

At home we enjoyed a very tame campfire with tiny fizzing ‘fireworks’ for my tiny children, then there was the local display for the older ones. From this display, we purchased some ‘toffee’ apples.

I was both horrified and amused to see a label on the back stating ‘Warning, this product may agitate or cause disruptive behaviour’!

Luckily we had hidden them from my four-year old who would have been climbing the walls for weeks.

It’s a tough call, how do we tread the fine line between depriving our little ones of fun and seriously considering their health?

Given my job, I think I lean a little too much towards the latter and was mortified to find my other half giving our twins baby biscotti for breakfast! Having talked to many parents and grandparents, feeding children is a constant source of consternation.

A food writer friend once admitted that she found it the most difficult part of parenting. Those of us who have a genuine interest in eating good food have real trouble accepting that our children don’t always want to eat it too! Until I became a mum, I never contemplated that I would give my son tomato ketchup with everything, just to get him to eat!

So how DO we get them to eat well?

Dependent on the child, I think we can to a point, and then we have to accept their limitations. Give them the healthiest foods that we know they like, even if this is very repetitive. It may seem like a cliché, but arrange food on a plate like a train or face – it really does work. AND involve them in food preparation and cooking; this works with children of any age and they do seem far more inclining to eat what they have created.

So, let’s try to relax a bit, feed our little ones as well as we possibly can, get them involved in the kitchen but don’t worry so much (note to self!)


Corned Beef FlanCorned Beef Flan

Corned beef is often a hit with children as it
doesn’t have the chewy texture of other meat.
Omit the onion and herbs and this is a winner!
Recipe taken from 2012 Dairy Diary.



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