Eggs, the Student Staple?

Eggs, the student staple?

As many youngsters embark on life at university, full of excitement and anticipation, many parents will worry about their wellbeing and particularly if they are eating properly!

Over the years I have many phone calls from anxious parents asking for copies of the Dairy Book of Home Cookery to pack up along with the bumper packs of loo roll.

Though many are sceptical about students cooking, they may be surprised to know that many do.

My student-speciality was broccoli topped with chopped tomatoes and grated Cheddar (let’s hope student skills have improved since my day!)

There are several student cooking blogs, Facebook pages and even a dedicated website

Uni-goers, of course, are always on a budget and for economical reasons (even if it is only to save more beer money!) home cooking may be essential. Eggs are the frugal cook’s best friend as they are so cheap yet versatile. They should grace any students’ fridge alongside the mouldy carrots and crate of lager.

Coincidently, this week is National Egg Week – so let’s celebrate the magic of the egg with recipes from or the 2012 Dairy Diary, from which this delicious omelette is taken.


Green Omelette from Dairy Diary 2012

Green Omelette
A delicious watercress omelette made in just 10 minutes

Recipe taken from 2012 Dairy Diary.




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