Back to school

It seems like only last week I was writing about the start of the school holidays, and now I am writing about the end.

It is a particularly poignant one this year as my youngest, Elena, is starting school for the first time.

I think we have all the essentials now that I have taken them to buy their school shoes. I dithered about where to take them, ideally wanting to avoid the crowds of other bored children needing theirs too. Then I remembered a lovely, little, independent shoe shop about ten minutes drive from where we live.

I dragged the children out in the rain thinking maybe it wasn’t too good an idea after all, but when we got to the shop and there were 2 waiting assistants and no other children, I was quite pleased with myself.

I told them from the start that I would like to look at the cheaper ranges, as designer school shoes to me are a complete waste of money, they only get abused.

The first pair that fitted were £41. Gulp! Is that cheap?

However, the second pair that fitted, and fitted even better, were £28. A startling difference when you are buying two pairs!

Mission accomplished it was back home to discuss dinner. It may have been August, but it felt very Autumnal as we unpacked our black shoes, and removed our waterproofs. So, for dinner it was a hearty ‘Paprika Sausage Supper‘ from the Just One Pot Cookbook, page 84.

I got it underway and in the oven which gave us time for a snuggle upon the sofa to watch a film together. These moments are going to get rarer and rarer now they will both be in school so I intend to make the most of them.

Have a good week.

Dairy Diary Team

Paprika Sausage Supper

Paprika Sausage Supper.

The tangy crunch of dill pickle provides a
delicious contrast to this goulash-style dish.

Recipe taken from Just One Pot.

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