Open-air theatre, wine and salads

Crazy for You open-air theatre.

We were so lucky with the weather for our jaunt to the open-air theatre.

It was a lovely afternoon so we knocked off work early and had a wander round Queen Mary’s Garden in Regents Park beforehand.

The roses were still gorgeous, despite being end of season, and the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed despite all the noise and traffic just a shout away. The performance, Crazy for You, (runs until 10 Sept) was fantastic – all those familiar songs (‘I got rhythm’, ‘Nice work if you can get it’, ‘Someone to watch over me’), great production numbers and the costumes – my goodness, the costumes! Hollywood glitz and glamour on a small outdoor stage in the heart of London.

Surreal really – gradually fading light, a leaf or two falling,
then the odd firefly and great lighting on the trees – and no rain!
‘Who could ask for anything more …’

It was so busy in the café that we just grabbed some sandwiches to go with a bottle of wine. Next time (I hope there’ll be one) I’ll try and be organised enough to take a picnic. If you’re avoiding sandwiches and ready made, and don’t want to carry bags of ‘stuff’, they can be quite challenging (no cold meats or chicken legs for non meat eaters!)

Interesting salads may be a good bet – avocado and grapefruit sounds nice, or try this raspberry, mango and stilton salad (in the Just One Pot cookbook). Cheese, of course, is a picnic must-have. And then yogurt cake afterwards (from this year’s diary) – delicious and won’t crumble in transit. Can’t wait to see what the programme is for next year.

Have a great week.

Dairy Diary Team

Raspberry, Mango and Stilton Salad

Raspberry, Mango & Stilton salad 
A tangy yet fruity salad with the distinctive taste of Stilton.

Recipe taken from Just One Pot.

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