Time for action

When you have been with your partner for some time, as I have, you get to a point where sometimes you say things a little too bluntly.

Just last week my darling husband looked me up and down and declared I was the fattest he’d ever known me. Charming. I had felt it too of course, but Chris underlined it.

Admittedly the trousers are feeling a little snug and the tummy is creating the ‘muffin top’ that all women try to avoid, but I refuse to go up a size. I think my recent lack of any fat-burning exercise since missing out on training for the ‘Race for Life’ this year and our over-productive blackberry bush have helped me reach this point.

Fruit Crumble from The Dairy Book of Home Cookery | 2012 editionThere have been quite a few home-made crumbles and pies this past few weeks, including the delicious Fruit Crumble in the new Dairy Book of Home Cookery.


Time for action! So, I have squeezed myself back into my jogging pants and been for two runs this week, and it didn’t feel bad.

On Tuesday night when I went out I had decided to challenge myself to run, no walking, all the way back home, about 2km. Halfway along the gently downhill road a progression of Hell’s Angels bikers started deliberately slowing down as they neared me. ‘Here we go’, I thought, ‘I’m in for some abuse…’ as the leader stopped I couldn’t avoid taking my headphones out and coming to a standstill.

‘Do you know where Loxley is?’ he asked. Phew! Just directions, and directions I knew the answer to at that. It was such a relief. As I plugged back in and got my tired legs moving again they all cordially gave me a nod of thanks as they rumbled away.

Chris loved this story when I regaled it to him, as we both sat devouring our blackberry crumbles… well, it was the last of the season so I could hardly refuse!

Keep fit!

Karen Perry
Dairy Diary Team

P.s. Fruit Crumble is a favourite with all the family. Serve with real custard sauce for the ultimate comforting dessert.





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