Tomatoes, herbs and busy bees

Just had our first tomatoes from the garden. This year we found a small bush variety rather than the tall plants that need support – Sweet ‘n’ Neat they’re called and they live up to their name.

Delicious and very tidy! The label says each plant produces about 60 fruits – the small cherry type – so that’ll keep us going for a while. You can cook them, or use them in recipes, but they’re so good just off the bush I don’t suppose any of them will make it that far.

Nutty Pesto Tomatoes recipe
If you’re growing bigger tomatoes, there’s a great sounding recipe in Just One Pot (my current favourite recipe book – full of good ideas, especially cutting down on the washing-up!) – Nutty Pesto Tomatoes on page 130. Might have to buy some big toms to try that one.

All the herbs we planted in May are going great guns, too.

I never thought the oregano would take off like it has, and the silver thyme is so pretty.

Both are in flower and attracting honey bees. I suppose that means someone hereabouts has hives – can’t imagine where, since this is a suburban area of terraced houses with small gardens. The allotments are a quarter of an hour’s walk away – which is possibly not far as the bee flies, so maybe that’s the answer. Anyway, it’s very pleasing as we keep hearing about how numbers of honey bees are declining. Must keep my eye out for locally produced honey.

Have a good week.

Dairy Diary Team


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