Food waste and compost!

Several months ago, the council gave us all a brown plastic container for food waste, to be collected at the same time as the rubbish and the recycling.

Actually, they collected it the first week and then seemed to forget about it, but they’ve got into the swing of it now!

Some brown bins seem to be overflowing; for families with children that’s not too surprising, I suppose.

There’s just two of us, both non meat eaters – no bones or fat to get rid of – so we haven’t used ours much yet. Near enough everything bar cooked food (not much of that gets left) and fish goes in the compost. And this being national vegetarian week, there’ll be no fish to worry about either!

National Vegetarian WeekNational Vegetarian Week

This gives us a good excuse to get creative with veggies and maybe try a few new ones. Dishes with aubergine and mushrooms as a base are quite substantial; spinach and chickpeas go well together; squashes and sweet potatoes are lovely just roasted, and any tomatoey sauces can be livened up with grated ginger or finely chopped mild chilli or garlic – or all three!

There are some lovely recipes in this year’s diary to try. Cheshire pasties make a meal. Broccoli soup is delicious, and cauliflower crisp. They may even persuade the kids that these somewhat unloved vegetables are not really that bad after all.

Sweet Potato and Pepper OmeletteFor a really versatile dish try Sweet Potato and Pepper Omelette from Good Food, Fast. It’s good hot or cold and takes just 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

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