How was your Bank Holiday Weekend?

Doesn’t everyone love a Bank Holiday weekend?

You not only get the joy of a bonus day off to spend with your family and friends, but a short week to follow, which seems to make everyone so much happier.

Even my eldest child Finley, at six, can see the benefits. Although his benefits are mostly that he will be allowed to watch Japanese cartoons in the early hours of the morning, not get dressed until nearly lunchtime and, if he’s really lucky, get to stay up ‘late’… that’s past 7.30!

My benefits are that I can take an eye off the clock for a change, and perhaps do less nagging…. maybe not!

The short week deceives us into thinking we can take it easy, keep that holiday mood going, but I am not sure. There is still five days worth of ‘stuff’ to cram into four days isn’t there?

So, although I enjoy the Bank Holiday weekends, I also enjoy doing a little bit of work to make sure I am on top of things throughout the following week.

With this in mind I didn’t wasted food shopping or devising intricate mouthwatering family feasts. Oh no! I delved into the freezer, found some thin cut steak and used my Just One Pot recipe book to make ‘Five spice beef with chilli and peppers‘. Although mine was without without chillies; the five spice does a good enough job on it’s own for this household.

Not long till the next bank holiday weekend!

Dairy Diary Team

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