The bluebells are fabulous this year

We’ve just spent a few days in Cornwall and the bluebells and primroses were just gorgeous.

BluebellsSo was the ice cream – I’ve never come across so many different makes in such a short stretch of waterfront, and all award-winning!

We loved Roskilly’s organic, and Kelly’s with clotted cream was hard to resist, so we didn’t try.

It’s a time for treats, though, isn’t it, what with Easter and then the wedding. No street parties that I’m aware of around our way but I expect most people will be watching on TV – well, most women anyway. Fascinating to see what everyone’s wearing, apart from anything else.

I thought I might bake a fruit cake for the occasion – my Cornish sister-in-law used to go on about how easy ‘boiled cakes’ are to make and I see there’s a recipe for one on p.101 of this year’s Dairy Diary – Rich’s Fruit Cake.

Could make it into a real treat with a dollop of ice cream – now I’ll have to search out an award-winning one, though.

Enjoy the wedding day.

Dairy Diary Team

P.s. The wonderful weather continues, so this is the perfect time for gardening. Fancy winning a copy of Seasonal Garden Ideas?

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