Have I missed Pancake Day?

Celebrate Pancake DayI’m sure I wasn’t the first to think, hang on a minute, have I missed Pancake Day?

The change of month triggered a distant memory that it always falls in February. But no, this year it has been pushed back to 8th March. Thank goodness!

The tradition of Shrove Tuesday was to feast on rich foodstuffs such as eggs, milk, and sugar, before the fasting season of the 40 days of Lent. I may not consider myself religious, but this is one day I am happy to acknowledge.

Firstly, I do not save pancakes just for this day, but at other times of the year I tend to go for nice, thick, soft, small ones made with a cup of self raising flour, cup of milk and one egg, eaten for breakfast with some syrup, soft berries and yogurt – delicious! But for me, Pancake Day calls for the plain flour recipe, slightly runnier, fried into huge thin rounds that we can all shout at the maker to toss as high as they can!

So try this classic Pancake recipe to serve with lemon and sugar or if you fancy something a little more exotic how about Strawberry & Amaretto Pancakes from Good Food, Fast.

If you haven’t got a sweet tooth, why not try the savoury seafood pancake recipe on page 85 of this year’s Dairy Diary so that you don’t miss out?


Win Le Vrai Gourmet Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Win Le Vrai Measuring SpoonsSometimes it isn’t important to use exact amounts in your recipes. A handful of this… a pinch of that…

However, some recipes do call for exact amounts to ensure success.

With these superb Le Vrai Gourmet measuring spoons you can be assured that half a teaspoon is exactly that.

Four spoons: one tablespoon, one teaspoon, half teaspoon, quarter teaspoon.

One less thing to worry about!

Simply complete the entry form before 21 March and you will be entered into the prize draw.


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