Daffodils, Leeks and Bananas

Daffodils, leeks and bananas are to the fore this week.

For St David’s day on Tuesday, we won’t be having the traditional cawl, a kind of lamb stew with leeks and root vegetables, but only because we’re not meat eaters (or Welsh come to that!) but it’s nice to join in.

Maybe I’ll try a thick soup with all the vegetables and add some chilli to give it a bit of a kick or try the Welsh Leek Soup from Around Britain, Dairy Cookbook.


Fairtrade FortnightFairtrade Fortnight

We’ll probably be going overboard for bananas, as well as leeks. Bananas are always a hit in this house (especially with yogurt and honey!), but also Fairtrade fortnight kicks off on Wednesday. The official website has plenty of ideas for anyone wanting to join in the campaign to raise awareness. I’m quite taken with the idea of an inflatable banana – I had one once and it was a huge hit, and not just with kids!

Apparently, Fairtrade products and Fairmined gold are being considered for the royal wedding. There’s a petition to sign to help encourage it. I’m quite surprised they’re not going for Welsh gold, though.


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