Celebrate National Dairy Week

National Dairy Week, 21 – 27 February, is here to highlight how important milk, cream, cheese, butter and yoghurt are to a healthy diet.

Milk helps to make strong bonesInteresting, but with two small children I have already learnt that any dairy-based food is popular with them.

From yorkshire puddings to pancakes; cheese sauces to custard; the more old-fashioned the recipe the more popular it seems.

Rice pudding is a family favourite when we haven’t got through our milk quota quite as quickly as normal. I usually use a recipe from the Just One Pot recipe book, but last month I spotted the Blueberry Rice recipe in the Dairy Diary. You have to boil the rice first – has anyone tried it yet? Is it as good as letting the pudding slowly cook in the oven?

Dare I deviate away from the predictable? Let’s all be brave and give a different dairy dish a go this week! Try Blueberry Rice today.

Dairy Diary Team

P.S. My milkman is a saint. Through the recent period of snow and ice, when no cars were travelling up or down our hill, he still delivered. He was the talk of the community was Mr John Hudson.

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