Bonfire Night

The bonfire and firework extravaganza has already begun, with colourful explosions filling the night sky.

Try Red Pepper Soup from the Dairy Diary on Bonfire NightMaybe I haven’t quite grown up yet, but I think I love the magic of Bonfire night just as much as my two year-old!

We enjoyed an organised firework spectacle on Saturday and have our own version this weekend coming – no doubt with spectacularly unimpressive fireworks!

So, I shall be busy making some warming food for us to savour while watching the fireworks fizzle. If you’re planning a Bonfire party give Red Pepper Soup a try. It’s perfect in a mug with a hotdog or cheesy toast on the side.


Competition: Win an Apple Corer/Slicer at’t forget, you still have a chance at winning a Good Grips Apple Corer/Slicer

Ideal for a quick and tasty snack. Try crisp English Cox apples; serve with a couple of crackers and a chunk of your favourite cheese.

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