NEW! Good Food, Fast: Dairy Cookbook

When you have rushed in from work or have hungry people patrolling the kitchen, thinking of meals let alone cooking them can be difficult.

Giving you the inspiration to rustle up tasty meals that everyone will find irresistible, Good Food, Fast, our brand new cookbook, is packed with delicious, stress-free recipes that can be whipped up in just 30 minutes or less!

Good Food, FastWith 116 recipes that cleverly use store-cupboard staples as well as combinations of fresh and frozen ingredients, Good Food, Fast ensures you can create something tempting even under pressure. Great if unexpected guests have dropped in or your day has not quite gone to plan!

Nick Rowe, Executive Editor of the Good Food, Fast Dairy Cookbook said:
“At the end of a busy day there just isn’t time to spend hours following over-complicated recipes, and the added pressure of a hungry family can make it seem like a thankless task.  With Good Food, Fast we wanted to bring together a range of inspirational recipes that were full of flavour, healthy and overall really quick to make, to take the ‘everyday chore ’ element out of cooking and bring the taste and enjoyment back. By including soups through to desserts, Good Food, Fast shows that rustling up a speedy meal for family or friends doesn’t need to be run of the mill, and that you can create delicious, impressive results even if you only have half an hour or less to do so!”

The new Good Food, Fast Dairy Cookbook is priced at £9.99 (plus £2 P&P). To order a copy call 0845 0948 128, speak to your local milkman (he should have stocks available in September) or visit

Try this fabulous recipe, Lamb Burgers with Figs,  from the book for free!

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