Dairy Book of Home Cookery

Over the years we have had so many requests for the original cookbook, the Dairy Book of Home Cookery, I am amazed.

Its popularity is unwavering and its fans passionate.

One of our consumers said:

‘A treasure. A friend of mine’s mum had an old version of this book when I was at school (a long time ago). When my husband and I moved into our first flat, there were two cookery books on my kitchen shelf. Delia’s original “Complete Cookery Course” and the Dairy Book of Home Cookery.’

The recipes are clear and simple – and unlike many cookery books these days, all the basics are there, pancakes, white sauce, the stuff your mum used to make. The information sections are also first class. My husband (a chef) takes my copy into work to show his trainees where all the cuts of meat come from, as the illustrations in this book are far superior to most industrial tomes. My daughter is only 12. But when she leaves home, she’s taking a copy of this with her – but not mine!’

I’ve even heard of someone buying her ex-husband a copy when they divorced!

This ‘cookery treasure’ is now an astonishing £2.99 (plus P&P) on the website. Snap it up while stocks last, and look out for the brand new fully updated version next year.

Try this Shepherd’s Pie, just one of the treasured recipes in the  Dairy Book of Home Cookery.

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