Dairy Diary Chat official launch

Welcome to the official launch of Dairy Diary Chat and your chance to win a copy of the new Dairy Cookbook.

Some of you may know that we have been testing the blog online for a few weeks now. Well everything is running smoothly, so here we are and we’ll be posting a new blog each week from now onwards! And to celebrate we are giving away 20 copies of Just One Pot, the new Dairy Cookbook – to enter read on!

So what can you expect in the coming months?

  • All the latest news from the Dairy Diary and Dairy Cookbook office.
  • A free recipe each week to tempt your tastebuds.
  • A growing library of recipes for further inspiration.
  • Hints and tips for the kitchen and around the home
  • Swap ideas with other Dairy Diary and Dairy Cookbook readers.
  • Suggest recipes, hints and tips for future publications.
  • Comment on all blog topics and recipes.

One idea we would like to explore is the possibility of an online reference section that expands on the excellent information already found in the Dairy Diary. Obviously we can only publish so much in the Dairy Diary – so what extra would you like to be able to find here?

Or what about a cookery workshop section where you can find “how to” instructions, specialist techniques, short-cuts and “secret ingredients” to ensure success in the kitchen?

To do all this we need your help! Do you have suggestions, great ideas or a little wisdom to share with your fellow readers? Yes? Well, here is your opportunity to do so.

Win a copy of Just One Pot

Win a copy of Just One Pot

Win a copy of Just One Pot, the new Dairy Cookbook.

We are giving away 20 copies of Just One Pot exclusively to Dairy Diary Chat readers. From snacks to glorious desserts, Just One Pot will show you how to create fresh, home-cooked food without lots of pots and pans. Delicious recipes that use just one pot each. Fabulous food with less fuss!

Click here to enter the competition.

Good luck. And don’t forget to bookmark this blog and visit again next week.


  1. Emily Anderson says:

    Excellent Karen! That’s one of my favourites too – I am a HUGE fruit cake fan. Good luck with the icing, that’s where all my cakes take a disastrous turn! I am sure your mum will be delighted. Wish her a happy Birthday from all at the Dairy Diary.

  2. Karen Raison says:

    I am a bit of a cook-what-I-know type person, but with my Mum’s 60th Birthday looming, and the expectation to make a cake (or 2) I started thumbing through my cookbooks. In the Year Round Cookbook I came across a recipe for ‘Tropical fruit cake’. Having never made a fruit cake before (not really being that keen myself) and knowing that my Mum adores it I thought I should do a test cake. The recipe was amazingly easy to follow, and once I’d got it out and cut I delivered small parcels of it to everyone I know for some honest opinions on how it tasted…. and the result? A resounding thumbs up! I got a few tips for not scorching the top so much (double layer of greaseproof) but apart from that everyone said it was delicious! So I am now confidently about to make another to ice for a lucky Mum!

  3. Anne Stubbs says:

    My Dairy Diaries date back to 1993 the first ones I received from my Aunt when she came to visit – we live in Campbell River on Vancouver Island in Canada and the diary helps keep me connected to my birthplace- England. This little “helper” is a real jewel and I use it every day-looking forward to the new edition
    Anne Stubbs

  4. Emily Anderson says:

    That’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy our weekly updates and recipes. Be sure to give us your feedback and also send blog links to friends or other chat sites you visit.
    Many thanks.

  5. Mrs Leake says:

    I clicked here from my email box and I am really pleased to see this blog. I will be visiting regularly. I love readinfg and trying differednt recipes and as a regular Dairy Diary user and the owner of three Dairy cook books this blog is a welcome addition 🙂

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