Marvellous Mash

I think I am obsessed with mashed potato! As mum to a young son (who is 18 months old) I try to cook food that will appeal to both of us.

My staple at the moment seems to be potato mashed with Laughing Cow cheese and butter, served with baked beans. Not a culinary masterpiece but Isaac loves it!

It is now my mission to make some new variations on mash and to serve it with other things for a change. I have looked back at some of our previous books and found some unusual suggestions. In fact one of our recipe writers has suggested a lovely twist on mash for our next cookbook – you will have to wait and see what that is!

The quality of potato makes a huge difference to taste. I had a delicious variety a while back called Anya. Anya was specially bred on the banks of the river Tay just outside Dundee and is a result of a cross between Pink Fur Apple and Desiree potatoes. Lord Sainsbury’s gardener grew the new variety for the first time in 1995, and liked it so much that he suggested it be called Anya after Lady Sainsbury!

How delightful and how many of us can say we have had a potato named after us?!

Have you tasted Champ mashed potatoes? Try it, I think you’ll love it.

Can you suggest your favourite potato variety for mash, and what do you add to yours?


  1. Emily Anderson says:

    That all sounds delicious! My son is a huge fan of carrot mashed with the potato. It’s a great way of hiding it too.

  2. Aune Butt says:

    Ring the changes on basic mashed potato by mixing it with other root vegs: try equal quantities of potato and sweet potato; potato and carrot; potato, carrot AND swede; potato and celeriac; even potato and parsnip. All are delicious. Add butter or a dash or cream (if your conscience and your waistline allow). Also try popping in a few fresh herbs – but be careful about the amounts; try just a little at first. Parsley, chives, lovage and tarragon are all good. Incidentally, lovage is WONDERFUL in potato salad!

  3. Emma says:

    Mashed potato is divine! I love it so much I have to have it in the summer, so take a fork to my new potatoes and add virgin olive oil and sea salt. Yum!

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