Each week we publish one of our favourite Dairy Diary or Dairy Cookbook recipes. We present a selection of them here in an easy to find alphabetical list. Just click and enjoy!

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Hearty and delicious, the perfect weekend breakfast.

Apple and Blackberry Tartlets
Perfect for an afternoon treat – go on, spoil yourself.

Apple and Plum Crumble
Rather than make a traditional crumble mixture, here oats are used as a topping.

Apricot and Lamb Couscous
A Moroccan inspired dish, packed with flavour and really is an all-in-one meal.

Apricot cookies recipe
These delicious cookies are perfect for summer picnics

Asparagus with Poached Eggs
The English asparagus season only lasts a couple of months, so make the most of it.

Asparagus Risotto
Full-flavoured, deliciously sweet and tender, British asparagus is regularly described as the ‘best in the world’.

Autumn Chutney
A perfect way to make use of home-grown apples and pears. And very satisfying to make.

Baked Cream Cheesecake
Baked cheesecake is easy to make and absolutely delicious

Banana and Cinnamon Muffins
Try these lovely moist muffins. Ready in just 30 minutes!

BBQ Sauce
Don’t buy BBQ sauce, make this fabulous fruity version in no time at all!

Beef & Mushroom Casserole with Garlic Bread Crust
The garlicky buttered crust contrasts with the full-bodied beef stew.

Beef Wellington
Succulent beef with liver pate and wrapped in pastry. Nick Rowe’s favourite.

Berry Tart
A mouth-watering combination of crisp pastry, summer fruits and cream

Black Forest Gâteau
A gorgeously retro celebration cake to cook for a special occasion

Blueberry Crumble
Blueberries given a sharp lemony edge beneath a comforting topping.

Blueberry Rice
Delicious rice pudding that’s low in calories!

Brandy Butter
Perfect for Christmas puddings, mince pies, baked and steamed fruit puddings.

Brie & Chive Omelette recipe
A quick and easy classic omelette

Brie Burger
A stylish take on the ubiquitous cheeseburger.

Brie with Redcurrant Jelly
Made in Somerset, according to traditional French methods, Somerset brie is considered by many to be as fine as French brie.

Brunchtime French Toasts
Perfect for using up leftover egg, bacon and tomato. It’s quick and easy too!

Calypso Pudding
Refreshingly different with pineapple and mango as well as prunes and apricots. Perfect for Christmas Day.

Carrot, Apple & Celeriac Soup
Packed full of flavour and low in calories here is a tasty soup to hit the spot when you fancy a light snack.

Celebration Cake
A simple recipe for a beautiful cake that’s perfect for celebrations.

The smoothest, creamiest, fluffiest mashed potatoes ever.

Cheese & Tomato Bake
A super comforting dish rather like eating a hot cheese and tomato sandwich.

Cheese and Apple Parcels
Sweet juicy apple goes well with this tangy regional cheese in a puff pastry case.

Cherry Yogurt Ice
When cherries are plentiful, make a batch of this creamy low fat ice cream for a refreshing treat.

Cheshire Pasties
A delicious variation on the ever popular pasty.

Cheese and Ham Souffle Omelette
A delicious and easy omelette from Clever Cooking for One or Two

Cheese Flapjacks
Very morish and perfect for an energy boost on the move.

Cherry Bread Pudding 
Moist and sticky with glistening succulent fruit.

Cherry Cupcakes
Children will love them – if you don’t eat them first!

Chestnut Soup
Perfect for warming you up after a wintry stroll and for using up that surfeit of chestnuts.

Chicken and Avocado Salad Sandwich
Avocados are a rich source of vitamin E, which is required for healthy skin.

Chicken Satay with Indonesian-style salad
Succulent, nutty chicken served with a bowl of crunchy finely chopped vegetables.

Chocolate Layer Cake
Perfect for birthday cakes or afternoon tea

Chocolate Mousse
A yummy treat to share, but even better just for one!

Chocolate Whisky Cake
Every Scottish baker has their own recipe for chocolate cake

Cinnamon Toast
Quick, scrumptious and a great way to start the day.

Coconut Ice 
They look wonderful and would make a super present.

Coffee Battenburg
Surprisingly easy and very British despite its name

Corned Beef Flan
This tasty dish is a winner with children

Courting Cake
A real summer treat. Bake it in August, when strawberries are good value.

Cranberry Sauce
The perfect accompaniment for duck, goose, game, turkey and lamb.

Cranberry Stuffing Loaf
A delicious alternative to traditional Christmas turkey stuffing.

Cranberry & Cinnamon Cookies
A rich shortbread lightly spiced with cinnamon with a contrasting tang from the dried cranberries.

Cranberry & Muesli Muffins
Serve these muffins for breakfast or tea – they are best eaten on the day they are baked

Cranberry Sauce
Simple and easy to make. Why buy it in a jar?

Cullen Skink
The name of this rich, tasty soup comes from the fishing village of Cullen, in Morayshire.

Curried soup
A quick and easy  warming soup for the chillier months.

Danish Pastries
A super-speedy way to enjoy an indulgent breakfast or coffee-time snack.

Duck with Plum Sauce
A bed of noodles with rich and succulent duck breasts and fruity sauce.

Easter Biscuits
Easter biscuits are made with currants but this version is made with wild blueberries.

Egg and Bacon Toastie
A hearty breakfast that’s healthy too!

Eggs Florentine
A deliciously healthy variation on simple bacon and eggs

Eve’s Pudding
A wonderfully comforting pudding. Use Bramley apples for best results.

Fat Rascals
Biscuits originally cooked on open turf or peat fires on Whitby Moor.

Fish Provençal
Provençal flavours in a delicious fish dish which is superbly easy to make.

Five-spice Beef with Chilli & Peppers
Warming and lightly scented, this meaty meal is a treat for the taste buds.

French-style Peas
When lettuce is crisp and young, it is deliciously sweet when very lightly cooked.

Frosty Top Lemon Cake
Quick, easy and lemony lovely

Fruit Baked Custard
This fluffy pudding is perfect autumnal comfort food.

Fruity Coffee Pancakes
This dessert is wonderfully light and fruity and so works well after a heavy main course.

Fruity Gin
Try the sweet and subtle taste of fruity gin with a splash of cava or tonic.

Ginger and Banana Sponge Pudding with Hot Toffee Sauce
If you ever need a recipe that is the definition of comfort food – this is it!

Gingerbread Clowns
Fun for all the family.

Gloucester Cheese and Ale
An English variation of Welsh rarebit, this filling snack was originally served after the meat course of the evening meal.

Green Omelette
A delicious watercress omelette made in just 10 minutes

Ham and Green Pea Soup
A delicious and easy soup from Clever Cooking for One or Two

Homemade Muesli
Start the day a super-healthy way with this delicious breakfast.

Honey Blancmange 
A childhood favourite; this honey blancmange will be a favourite with grownups too!

Honey Flapjack Cookies
Both wheat and dairy free, these little oaty crunchies are completely irresistible.

Honey Roast Parsnips
Christmas isn’t Christmas without roast parsnips. And these are very special.

Irish Whiskey Cake
A naughty but nice cake for adults

Jewelled Christmas Cake
A fabulous cake that is both delicious and a beautiful additional to the dinner table.

Kent Plum Pudding
Not quite as rich as a traditional Christmas pudding, it can be made a few days before, then steamed for an hour before serving.

Lamb Burgers with Figs
Gourmet lamb burgers with style!

Lamb Shanks 
One of Britain’s favourite lamb dishes.

Lemon Chicken with Potato Wedges
This recipe is a good alternative to roast chicken.

Liver & Bacon on Irish Soda Farls
A classic combination of succulent meats on toasted Irish soda farls

Luxury Florentines
Surely one of the most divine biscuits you can bake. And they look fabulous!

Mackerel with lime and caper sauce
Delicious and nutritious ready in less than 30 minutes.

Marmalade Cake
Simple to make and delicious on a summer afternoon.

Minty Lamb Patties
One of the best ‘burgers’ you’ll ever taste.

Nutty Pesto Tomatoes
Big juicy tomatoes with a crunchy pesto-infused filling.

Oaty Fudge Treats
Irresistible treats that disappear in minutes

One-pan Pasta for One
Delicious and nutritious, and takes just 30 minutes to prepare and cook

Orange Iced Cup Cakes
Daintily iced buns, perfect for a girly coffee morning or tea party.

Oriental Chicken Stew
This Chinese-style dish is low in fat but certainly not low in flavour.

Paprika Sausage Supper
The tangy crunch of dill pickle provides a delicious contrast to this goulash-style dish.

Pea and Watercress Soup
The peppery, sweet soup contrasts wonderfully with the salty pancetta

Pear & Ginger Trifle
A quintessentially British dessert with a twist

Pecan Chicken
Deliciously tasty and surprisingly simple to prepare.

Pesto Chicken
A super-tasty chicken dish cooked up in less than 30 minutes.

Picnic Ciabatta recipe
This is no ordinary picnic ciabatta… this is a fabulous Dairy Diary ciabatta

Pigs in Blankets
Made with bread blankets these pigs are great finger food.

Pitta Pizza
Pitta breads make a quick and light pizza-style base which goes crispy in the oven.

Ploughman’s Lunch Chutney
A firm favourite since its creation in the 1960s.

Plum Semi-Freddo
Very tasty, very quick and uses your own Spiced Plums

Pumpkin Gratin
Perfect for a chilly Halloween celebration.

Quick Cottage Pie
The perfect comfort food in an unbelievable time!

Quick Pawn Wraps
Make your own lunchbox. Healthier, tastier and fresher sandwiches.

Raisin Parkin
Perfect with a nice afternoon cup of tea.

Raspberry, Mango & Stilton salad 
A tangy yet fruity salad with the distinctive taste of Stilton.

Raspberry, Sherry & Amaretto Trifle
A wonderfully flavoured trifle that’s perfect for celebrations

Ratatouille and Ham Pasta Bake.
Fabulous comfort food and the perfect meal to prepare in advance and freeze.

Real custard sauce
It doesn’t take long to make at all, but it is worth the effort.

Red Pepper Soup
Warming food for cool Autumn evenings.

Red Pesto Lamb with Pasta
Here is a tangy, tasty alternative to Bolognaise.

Rhubarb and Custard Ice Cream
Simple to make and perfect for an afternoon treat.

Rich’s Fruit Cake
Perfect for afternoon tea.

Rice Pudding
Who can resist home-made rice pudding?

Ripe Tart
The name of this dish comes from the village of Ripe in Sussex, where a pie feast celebrated the cherry harvest.

Roast Potatoes
Delicious crunchy roast potatoes are essential for any roast dinner

Ruby Beef Stew
A hearty dish which is perfect for an autumn dinner

From the Border regions of Scotland, mashed potato and in-season cabbage.

Salmon and Ginger Fishcakes
Thai inspired flavours without the fuss.

Sally Lunns 
17th century recipe for large flattish buns made by Sally Lunn in Bath.

Salmon with Minty Salsa
Deliciously tasty and so healthy too!

Sausage & Leek Supper
I think this is the most requested recipe of all time!

Sausages baked with apples & squash
Autumnal squash and spiced apple baked with sausage and maple syrup.

Savoury Biscuits
What can be more delicious than freshly baked biscuits?

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon
A European twist on this breakfast classic

Shepherd’s Pie
Traditional comfort food at its best.

Simnel Cake
Simnel cake has at some point been adopted as a traditional Easter cake. It’s easy and fun to make.

Skate with Capers
Capers and vinegar perfectly complement the taste of skate.

Spiced bread pudding
A healthy, tasty twist on the traditional bread pudding.

This spiced elderflower cordial captures the essence of warm English summers

Spiced Plums for Stir Fry Pork and Plum Semi-Freddo
This recipe makes enough sauce for 2 separate dishes and can be frozen until required.

Spaghetti Soup
A perfect dish after the excesses of Christmas – wholesome, healthy and delicious.

Squash, Bean and Stilton Risotto
Rich and creamy with a fantastic colour, this combination of textures and flavours results in simple, modern, comfort food!

St George’s Day Roast Beef
Traditional roast beef dinner from Around Britain Dairy Cookbook. Always a winner with all the family!

Stir Fry Pork with Spiced Plum Sauce
Very tasty, very quick and uses your own Spiced Plums

Strawberry Pavlova
An irresistible summer dessert.

Stuffed Mediterranean Chicken
Healthy, wholesome Italian food at its best.

Summer Pudding
Quintessentially British, this pudding is crammed with succulent summer berries

Sumptuous Sandwiches
Smoked salmon pin wheels, cucumber, curried egg mayonnaise, crab mayonnaise, cream cheese and prawn.

Sweet Potato and Pepper Omelette 
A colourful vegetarian dish that is just as good served hot as it is cold. It’s good for a picnic, too.

Sweet Spicy Nuts
Wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon to make a tasty gift.

Tasty Tomato Potatoes
Baked potatoes filled with a delicious tomato, onion and cheese filling.

Thai chicken curry with noodles
One of my favourite recipes from Just One Pot Dairy Cookbook.

Coffee and rum biscuits, topped with mascarpone.

Tomato Scones
Irresistible hot from the oven with a little cheddar cheese

Tomato Soup with Pesto Cream
This soup is so rich and tasty you will never want to have canned tomato soup again.

Traditional homemade bread
A proven recipe for both white and wholemeal bread rolls

Traditional Roast Turkey
An essential part of Christmas. Try this recipe to guarantee perfect results.

Treacle-Glazed Red Cabbage
Serve this wonderful treacle-glazed red cabbage with traditional roast turkey.

Tropical Christmas puddings
Add a few rays of tropical sunshine to a traditional favourite.

Tropical Ginger Creams
Forget about the calories – this dessert has a large helping of ‘the feel good’ factor.

Two Cheese and Onion Tart
Perfect comfort food for wet and windy autumn days.

Veggie Crisps
Perfect for munching while watching a great movie

Vegetable Curry
A scrumptiously spicy dish, which is easy to prepare and ideal for vegetarians.

Delicious Mediterranean vegetables layered with creamy sauce.

Welsh Leek Soup
Also known as cawl cennin, the word ‘cawl’ meaning broth.

Wholesome raisin scones
Home-baked scones are a fabulous comfort food and surprisingly good for you.

Yorkshire Pudding
No roast dinner can be complete without a Yorkshire Pudding





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  1. Teresa Bradford says:

    Hi,,In the 1970’s-1990’s I had a MILK Marketing Board Dairy Diary which contained the Best Ever Pineapple ( No-Bake) Cheesecake recipe.It may have been for A Lemon cheesecake, but I’d changed it to Pineapple.Would be thrilled if you could find it for me.Here’s hoping !Teresa B

  2. Stacey says:

    I am looking for a recipe for pork pies. I now live in Canada and an English guy I met once gave me the recipe and mentioned dairy diary was the best.

  3. Carrie says:


    I am desperately looking for an old DD recipe for Carbonara – I remember it had spinach and ordinary spaghetti. I have never found that anything could beat it! I know it is a years old DD book but any help would be appreciated!

    • Emily says:

      Hi Carrie
      I have had a look through the old cookbooks and it is not there. If you give me a couple of days I will check in the old Dairy Diaries and see if I can locate it.
      Best wishes

      • tracy says:

        Hi there i used to have the dairy diarys But they were destroyed in a flood. I dont suppose you have the recipe for their mince pies do you. It is in the 1982 one i think. Id be so grateful xxxx

      • Carrie says:

        HI Tracy
        So sorry but I left my cookbooks at the same time I left my husband – so I’m afraid I can’t help you – hope in the 30 years he’s a better cook lol!

  4. Julie Timms says:

    Hi Emily,
    I used to make a delicious milk fudge from a recipe out of the Dairy Book, but my copy has been mislaid in our house move – it was from a very old copy, well thumbed and battered. Would you be able to find it for me please, I’ve tried other recipes but they just don’t ‘hit the spot’!!
    My grandsons will be most appreciative 😀

  5. joanna west says:

    Hi there, I am looking for the really tasty streaky bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe that my Mum used to make years ago. It was so lovely and I would like to make it for this Christmas……..really hope you can help. Many thanks . Jo West

  6. Diane Morgan says:

    Love your website and would never be without my Dairy Diary.
    However, can you possibly send me the Yogurt cake recipe from last year’s diary (September?) – I loved it and lost it!!!
    Thank you.

  7. Helen Waterman says:

    Hi there, do you have the recipe for Spinach, Cheese and Tomato Stack? It’s from the one of the Dairy Diaries from a few years back. It is really delicious – my seven year old said it’s “better than Macdonalds”!!!!
    Thank You.

  8. amberen says:

    Fantastic site. A lot of useful information here. I am sending it to some friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you to your sweat!

  9. chris wells says:

    hi there i can remember a recipe for a crispy lamb bake (made with curry powder) from my mums diary diary when i used to live in the uk.(would be late 80s early 90s)i now live in new zealand and have always fancied cooking it new wife would love it.if you could find it and email to me at the given email address i would be over the moon.

    many thanks

    chris wells

  10. Sue Underdown says:

    Hi, I can’t find my dairy diary (1990 or around there) and it had a brilliant recipe for carrot and orange soup – can anyone help me?

  11. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Andrea

    Sorry for the delay. Things have been a bit manic here! This Christmas cake recipe is from the Dairy Book of Home Cookery:

    Preparation 40 mins Cooking 4½ hrs Serves 8-10
    225g (8oz) flour
    (1 tsp) mixed spice
    (½ tsp) ground cinnamon
    (½ tsp) ground nutmeg
    (1 tsp) cocoa powder
    175g (6oz) butter
    175g (6oz) soft brown sugar
    1 (1 tbsp) black treacle
    (1 tsp) each grated orange and lemon rind
    4 eggs
    550g (1¼lb) mixed dried fruits (currants, sultanas and raisins)
    110g (4oz) chopped mixed peel
    50g (2oz) chopped walnuts or blanched almonds
    50g (2oz) dates, chopped
    50g (2oz) glacé cherries, chopped
    1 (1 tbsp) milk

    1 Prepare a 20.5cm (8in) round or 18cm (7in) square cake tin (see page 303).
    2 Sift flour with spice, cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa.
    3 Cream butter with sugar, treacle and orange and lemon rind.
    4 Beat in eggs, one at a time, adding 1 (1 tbsp) of sifted dry ingredients with each one.
    5 Stir in currants, sultanas, raisins, chopped peel, nuts, dates and cherries.
    6 Fold in dry ingredients alternately with milk.
    7 Transfer to prepared tin and smooth top with a knife.
    8 Bake at 150°C (300°F) Mark 2 for 4 to 4½ hours, or until a skewer, inserted into centre of cake, comes out clean.
    9 Leave in tin for 15 minutes. Turn out on to a wire cooling rack.
    10 When completely cold, wrap in aluminium foil and store in an airtight container until needed.

    Preparation 1 hr plus 1 week standing Serves 8-10
    1 rich fruit cake (above)
    60ml (4 tbsp) apricot jam, melted
    almond paste made with 275g (10oz) ground almonds (page 326)
    Royal icing made with 2 egg whites (page 326)
    Christmas cake ornaments to decorate

    1 Brush top and sides of cake with melted jam.
    2 Turn almond paste on to a sugared surface (either sifted icing or caster). Roll out about half into a 20.5cm (8in) round or 18cm (7in) square. Use to cover top of cake. See page 304.
    3 Roll out remaining paste into a strip – same depth as cake – and wrap round sides.
    4 Press edges and joins well together with fingers dipped in caster sugar.
    5 When almond paste has set (overnight) wrap cake loosely in aluminium foil. Leave at least 1 week before icing.
    6 To ice cake, stand on a suitable silver board.
    7 Spread Royal icing thickly and evenly over top and sides.
    8 Flick icing upwards with back of a teaspoon so that it stands in soft peaks.
    9 Decorate with Christmas ornaments. Leave cake undisturbed overnight while icing hardens.



  12. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Paula

    I have hunted through the old diaries and cookbooks and have finally found it in the 1968 Dairy Book of Home Cookery!

    I will scan it in and mail it to you. What’s your email address?

    Best wishes

  13. Paula Chappell says:

    Hi there

    I have been searching for a recipe from one of the old dairy diary books for eggnog, it was my favourite but my mum threw out all her old diaries when they moved. Does anyone have it?


  14. Paula says:

    Hi there

    I am trying desperately to find the recipe from an old dairy diary for eggnog. It was my favourite and hope that you an locate it!!


  15. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Andrea

    We have had several Christmas cake recipes over the years. Have you any idea roughly what year it would have been published?


    Best wishes


  16. Andrea Edmunds says:

    Hi I am looking for a Christmas cake recipe from an old version of the Dairy Diary,used to have loads of these as my dad worked for the co-op dairy but over the years they’ve gone walk about and now I don’t have any,a friend of mine recommended the recipe but now I can’t find it?Can you help please?Kind regards Andrea x

  17. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Emma

    The Chicken Myers is from the Dairy Book of Home Cookery – available to buy on our website. We are also revamping it for a big relaunch next year, so watch this space. Here is the recipe:

    Preparation 15 mins Cooking 55 mins Serves 4
    225g (8oz) broccoli florets
    4 x 175g (6oz) chicken breast portions, skinned
    298g (10.5 floz) can condensed cream of chicken soup
    50g (2oz) mayonnaise
    60ml (4 tbsp) fresh double cream
    2.5ml (½ tsp) curry powder
    25g (1oz) English Cheddar, grated

    1 Cook broccoli in boiling water until almost tender. Drain well.
    2 Place drained broccoli and chicken in a shallow ovenproof dish.
    3 Mix together soup, mayonnaise, cream and curry powder. Spoon over chicken and broccoli, coating them well. Sprinkle with cheese.
    4 Bake at 190°C (375°F) Mark 5 for 45-50 minutes or until chicken is tender

    Best wishes

  18. emma says:

    hi everyone….
    i used to have a receipe for Chicken Myers and i lose it. It was from years ago…does anyone have it please xx

  19. Sam King says:


    I’ve lost a recipe from a 1990s (I think, maybe late ’80s) Dairy Diary for spicy tuna fish plait. My children love it and I was wondering if you could help.


    • Emily Anderson says:

      Hi Sam

      I have found this recipe in the 1990 Dairy Diary. I will scan it in and email a PDF to you. What’s your email address?

      Best wishes

  20. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Sian

    I have found this recipe in the Dairy Book of Family Cookery.

    I will email a PDF of the recipe to you directly.


    Best wishes


  21. sian says:

    My aunty used to make a lovely ice cream with brown bread which i think was from the dairy diarys
    can you help me
    Kind rgards

  22. Alyson Armstrong says:


    I’m looking for the recipe for Strawberry Shortcake – I make it every year when strawberries are in season and I can’t find it! I think its in The Dairy book of Home Cookery.

    Hope someone can help!


    • Emily Anderson says:

      Hi Alyson

      I can’t find it in the Dairy Book of Home Cookery, but it is featured in the Year Round Dairy Cookbook. This is available to buy online or I can email the recipe to you.

      If you would like the recipe emailed, please give me your email address and I will send it to you.

      Best wishes

      • Alyson Armstrong says:

        Hi Emily,
        Many thanks for the reply re Strawberry Shortcake recipe. Would love the recipe to be emailed to me if poss.
        Email address as above – but just in case :

        Many thanks,

  23. vicky Rodhouse says:


    I am looking for a very old reciepe which was pineapple gateaux. It was a real family favourite and would love to re-create it.
    Hope someone can help


    • Emily Anderson says:

      Hi Vicky

      I have found a Pineapple Victoria Sandwich in the Dairy Book of Home Cookery and a Pineapple and Chocolate Ring Gateau in Creative with Cream.

      Do you think it might be either of these?

      Best wishes


  24. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Christine
    I am a bit snowed under at the moment, but as soon as I get a few spare minutes I will email PDFS of these three recipes to you.
    Best wishes

  25. Christine Margetson says:

    Hi Emily,

    I would be most grateful if you could send me the recipes for:-
    Pina colada cheesecake
    Chocolate Brandy
    Iced Coffee Gateau

    Thanking you in anticipation,

  26. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have looked through our early diaries and cookbooks and can’t find that exact recipe, but I have found the following:

    Chocolate Brandy, which uses chocolate, eggs, brandy and trifle sponges and is topped with cream. It’s similar, but without the coffee.


    Iced Coffee Gateau, which uses boudoir biscuits, eggs, coffee and sherry and cream.

    Do you think it might be either of these?


  27. Matt Muirhead says:

    Hi Emily,

    I’ve lost recipe for a favourite dessert from a 1980’s Dairy Diary which was made with lady finger biscuits soaked in a coffee and brandy mix, set between chocolate layers and left to soak and chill in the fridge overnight.

    It was then covered in whipped fresh cream after removing it from the baking tin.



  28. Emily Anderson says:

    Hi Ruth

    That recipe is from the Dairy Book of Home Cookery – a book I am editing for a brand new relaunch next year. We have some copies of the original book available, which will be on special offer within a couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the website for a bargain!
    If you would like me to email the recipe to you please give me your email address and I will send it.

    Best wishes


    • Lisette says:

      Hi there, what a coincedence! I remember making that lovely pina colada cheesecake but have misplaced the recipe. Please would you kindly email me the recipe as my sister wants me to make it for her engagement on the 29th Jan, she as well as I adored it.

      Many thanks


  29. Ruth says:


    Please can some one help me?
    I have lost the recipe for Pina colada cheescake which was in a very old Diary, possibly back in the eighties.
    My son remembers me making it and would like me to make it again for his birthday.
    Thank you.

    • Emily Anderson says:

      Hi Caroline

      I have found the recipe you are looking for in the 1998 Dairy Diary. I will scan it in and email it to you. There are also some delicious Cheese and Apple Parcels in the Around Britain Dairy Cookbook – on sale for only £2.99 at the moment!

      Best wishes


      • lorna says:

        hi emily could u pls email the recipie for cheshire cheese pie pls ive been looking for this for over a yr now thank u lorna

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