Dairy Diary Set

Diary Sets make perfect gifts and are excellent
value for money!

Dairy Diary Sets

Beautifully designed diary sets to help you plan at home and when you are out and about.

The pocket diary slips easily into a jacket or handbag and the three notebooks will be indispensable for day-to-day jottings.


A must-have for planning on the go.

  • Pocket Diary with pen loop and co-ordinated pen
  • Three handy notebooks; two lined and one with plain paper.



The ideal gift for all your family and friends this Christmas. They’ll love it!

  • Dairy Diary 2017
  • Pocket Diary
  • Three notebooks
  • Coordinated pen




  • Visit www.dairydiary.co.uk
  • Call 08450 948 128
  • If you have a milkman, simply put out a note with your empties.


  1. Lynn Carroll says:

    The Dairy Book of Home Cookery
    I too had a copy as a young wife of 20+ which got too battered to keep but even now (30 years on) I have never been able to make a decent curry like the one in that Dairy book of Home Cookery.

  2. Valerie Lees says:

    The Dairy Book of Home Cookery
    My sister had one of these when I was small ( I remember it had a white cover) Then my dad and me bought one each (the yellow version) I used mine so much the cover was held together with sellotape and dad passed his onto me and I passed my battered copy on to a friend’s son, as a first cookbook. I recommend this as a first cookbook for anyone worth it’s weight in gold (That and the bero cookbook bring back lots of memories)

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