Dairy Diary Favourites Cookbook

Celebrate 35 years of the Dairy Diary  with a mouthwatering collection of favourite recipes.

Dairy Diary Favourites Cookbook

The Dairy Diary has showcased over two thousand recipes and it has been our pleasure to bring together your favourite recipes over the years.

Inspiration when you need it

There’s a delicious mix of traditional favourites, contemporary dishes and ‘just like mother used to make’ bakes. This recipe collection will inspire you to create fabulous food that everyone will adore.

Crowd-pleasing dishes

From speedy weekday meals to crowd-pleasing dishes for family and friends, that will have them clamouring for more, there is something for everyone in this beautiful cookbook. Split into two sections for easy reference.

An everyday cookbook

Weekday Eating:
Soups & Snacks, Children’s Tea & Easy Healthy Meals

With Friends & Family:
Relaxed Lunch, Evening Entertaining & Great Bakes

Excellent value £8.25


  • Visit www.dairydiary.co.uk
  • Call 08450 948 128
  • If you have a milkman, simply put out a note with your empties.


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