Win a copy of Around Britain cookbook

Win Around Britain cookbook

Win a copy of Around Britain cookbook


We are giving away a copy of Around Britain, one of our most popular cookbooks.

In this updated edition we explore our glorious gastronomic heritage with a collection of fascinating and delicious recipes from every region of Britain.

For a small nation, the topography of Britain is immensely varied. This fertile land yields the ingredients that have influenced our gastronomic heritage.

From the orchards of the South East to the lochs of Scotland, each region harvests its own food and creates its own dishes.

  • 130 mouthwatering recipes
  • Clear and easy to follow
  • Triple tested for success
  • Regional guides
  • Colour image for each recipe
  • Cook’s information


An iconic recipe for St David’s Day

Bara Brith

Happy St David’s Day!

I hope the sun is shining and early daffodils are beginning to flourish where you are; these gorgeous golden flowers really help to lift the spirits.

Why is the daffodil worn to commemorate St David’s Day?

In comparison with the ancient Welsh associations of the leek, the daffodil has only recently assumed a position of national importance. An increasingly popular flower during the 19th century, especially among women, its status was elevated by the Welsh-born prime minister David Lloyd George, who wore it on St David’s Day in 1911.

St Davids, where St David is said to have founded a monastery, is well worth a visit (when permitted of course; we can plan and dream). This lovely miniature city – the smallest city in Britain – with a particularly spectacular cathedral, it’s just a stone’s throw from the spectacular beaches of Pembrokeshire. I have very fond memories of wandering its lanes surrounding the ecclesiastic buildings, enjoying the sunshine whilst getting a very tiny little one off to sleep in his pram.

That same holiday, we stayed in a quaint cottage, and the owners kindly welcomed us with a home-baked Bara Brith. This deliciously moist fruit bread or ‘speckled bread’ as is the definition, is perfect spread with real butter and served with a cup of tea.

Here is the Bara Brith recipe from Around Britain. This lovely cookbook takes us on a culinary tour around England, Wales and Scotland, introducing us to traditional regional delights.

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Emily Davenport

Emily Davenport

I post a blog every week featuring food, family and fun. There are lots of useful household tips, crafty ideas, giveaways and delicious recipes that I think you will find irresistible.

Birds to look out for in your garden part 1

The Grey Heron

Did you notice that birdsong seemed louder than usual last lockdown?

I’m not sure why. I’m currently sat in my kitchen during the quiet hour before the children rise and it’s just beginning to get light. The birdsong I can hear is beautiful, so uplifting.

Nature has that affect, listening to or watching birds in your garden seems to have a calming influence.

And despite it being winter, there are still plenty to see. In fact, the absence of foliage means it’s even easier to watch them.

So what birds should you look out for in your garden right now? Watch for robins, starlings, long-tailed tits, wagtails, jackdaws or the lesser well-known, blackcap or even a heron.

Herons look quite comical compared to other birds, and we refer to them as ‘Rupert Annual Birds’, as they look like some of the strange characters from one of my favourite childhood books (who remembers the Rupert Annual?!)

Here’s the introduction from a fascinating article on the Grey Heron. Click the button to read the full text.

Where to look for ehe Grey Heron

The Grey Heron – Birds to look out for in your garden part 1

The grey heron adopts the same frozen stance and look of rapt concentration whether it is hunting in a peaceful backwater or on a lake in the centre of London.

The stately grey heron is a big wading bird which frequents freshwater and saltwater sites all over Britain. In the countryside, herons are timid but in towns and cities they are amazingly unperturbed by all the hustle and bustle.

More often than not, the ghostly grey heron is seen standing perfectly still, feeding in the water or on the banks of rivers, reedy lakes or rushy ponds, muddy estuaries, marshes and dykes.



For more fascinating facts, info and folklore on our feathered friends, treat yourself to a copy of Favourite Garden Birds

Packed with colour photographs and enchanting drawings from wildlife experts, Favourite Garden Birds will help you to identify the birds that visit your garden each season. Available now for just £8.99


Emily Davenport

Emily Davenport

I post a blog every week featuring food, family and fun. There are lots of useful household tips, crafty ideas, giveaways and delicious recipes that I think you will find irresistible.

5 useful things to do during lockdown

5 useful things to do during lockdown

While the weather is changeable (at best!), and we’re still at home, make the most of the time by getting some really useful tasks done during lockdown; you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction afterwards.

Here are 5 useful things to do during lockdown

Thins to do during lockdown

  1. If you’re anything like me, you have a purse bursting with loyalty cards. Download an app, such as the Stocard app onto your phone, scan them all in and you don’t have to carry them all around with you.
  2. If your address book is crammed with cards and scraps of paper, give it a refresh; write everything in on the correct page. Or have a complete revamp and purchase a new one. Our popular Addresses & Reminders Book comes with a tabbed address section and also reminders for birthdays and gift/Christmas card lists.
  3. Plan your garden. Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to wander round your garden making plans for the year. Be inspired by our features on The Fragrant Garden, Planting Bulbs or Gardening for Colour.
  4. Organise your bookshelves. Order books by theme, in alphabetic order, or (my favourite as it looks so lovely) by colour. Give yourself plenty of time as you’re bound to begin browsing while completing this task.
  5. Batch cook. Make bigger quantities of soups, stews, curries, bakes, scones etc and freeze them for use in the coming weeks. There’s plenty of inspiration on the recipe section of our website. This recipe from our fabulous Around Britain cookbook makes 12 cheese scones; a couple to enjoy now and 10 for the freezer.
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Emily Davenport

Emily Davenport

I post a blog every week featuring food, family and fun. There are lots of useful household tips, crafty ideas, giveaways and delicious recipes that I think you will find irresistible.

5 Restaurant-Style Recipes for Valentine’s Day at Home

5 Restaurant-Style Recipes for Two

No, I can’t believe its Valentine’s Day tomorrow either…

However, if anything, this past year has brought my partner and me closer than ever, and I am grateful for the endless cups of tea and the support he showed when things were difficult.

To express my appreciation, I am going to prepare a lovely restaurant-style meal for two, using delicious recipes from the cookbook Just For One Or Two.

Neither of us are starter-people, so for the main: Griddled Lamb with Fresh Pesto, served with soft and creamy celeriac mash, and wholesome ratatouille. Then for dessert: Lemon Posset topped with fresh juicy berries, one of his absolute favourites!

For more inspiration on how you can treat your loved one – which is not limited to Valentine’s Day! – take a look at our recipe collection, Restaurant-Style Meals for 2.

Win a copy of Just For One or Two

Of course, Valentine’s Day could not be celebrated properly without showing the love we have for our customers, so we are giving away a copy of the popular Just For One Or Two, which is full of perfect recipes for a restaurant-style dinner, at home.

Enter below by telling us how many recipes are found within the book. You can find the answer on Just For One Or Two’s page here.

Win a Just For One or Two cookbook.


Triple your chances of winning by heading to our Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can enter there too! Good luck.

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Emma Snow

Emma Snow

I am the Brand Executive for Dairy Diary. A passionate foodie (with a very sweet-tooth). Who likes to blog about all things DIY & scrumptious recipes.

Bring a little joy every day

Discover new walks

Even for the most optimistic among us, it’s been challenging to remain cheerful over the past few months


There are ways however, to bring a little joy into our lives each day – tiny things we can do to add some colour and relieve the monotony of lockdown.


  1. Wear your wardrobe

Not all at once, obviously! Work your way through your wardrobe from right to left (or left to right if you prefer) wearing a different outfit every day. Obviously summer clothes are not ideal right now so place them at the other end, but otherwise enjoy everything that you own.

Try new outfit combinations, wear a glam dress with thick tights and boots; have fun with what you wear rather than reaching for the same old jeans and jumper. I have given myself the challenge of buying no new clothes for a whole year (this is a HUGE challenge for me!) and have found that this method helps me to love what I own all over again.


  1. Discover new walks

It’s all too easy to fall into the routine of the same walking route every day. But even in your own corner of Britain, there’s bound to be a new route to be discovered. Dust off an old Ordnance Survey map and take a look at what public footpaths surround you, or visit or for new ideas.

When out walking, notice nature – listen to birdsong, watch the ducks on the pond, or look out for crocus and snowdrops as they begin to appear. This mindful activity helps to focus the mind on positive things, rather than negative.

Take time to love the sunset
  1. Connect with your local community

Join your local Facebook group and share uplifting photographs of the walks you have enjoyed or snippets of local history that you think locals may enjoy. Or make a batch of marmalade and put it in a basket in front of your home for passers by to help themselves.


  1. Put on your favourite lipstick

Be the most glamorous in town when you go on your daily wanderings (avoid this when shopping though – lipstick and a face mask are not the best combination!) And smile at everyone you pass. A cheerful ‘hello’ can mean a lot to someone who may not have conversed with anyone that day.


  1. Phone/Whatsapp/Facetime a friend

A catch-up and a good laugh, reminiscing about good times, is a wonderful tonic, and proven to lower stress levels.


You may even want to nominate your friend to receive a beautiful bouquet; we’re giving one away this month

Take a look at our Facebook page for more info.


Emily Davenport
Emily Davenport
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