Dairy Diary

Dairy Diary 2013. Britain’s best selling diary since 1982.

Looking for a 2013 diary? Make it the Dairy Diary 2013.

If all of the 30+ million Dairy Diaries sold since 1982 were laid end to end they would stretch from England to the Himalayas!

Now isn’t that a fascinating fact?

I doubt that we have many readers in the Himalayas, but who knows… we do have loyal fans around the globe.

If you haven’t checked out the 2013 Dairy Diary yet you can read all about it here.

At just £6.99 it represents great value and makes a perfect Christmas gift for family and friends.

Diaries 2013 | A 2013 Diary makes a perfect Christmas Gift

Searching for the perfect diary for 2013? Choose Britain’s favourite Dairy Diary 2013.

A 2013 Diary makes a perfect Christmas Gift

And the Dairy Diary 2013 is the perfect choice; it is Britain’s favourite diary with 30 million sales since 1982!

Make your family and friends happy this Christmas with a gift they can use every day.

  • Clear week-to-view diary
  • Inspirational weekly recipes
  • Essential kitchen information
  • Essential home information
  • Home and leisure features
  • Memorable dates stickers

So much for just £6.99

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Calypso puddings

These delicious Calypso puddings from the 2010 Dairy Diary are refreshingly different with pineapple and mango as well as prunes and apricots. Perfect for Christmas Day.

Calypso puddings

Calypso puddings

Makes 8
Time 3½ hours
348 calories per serving
4g fat of which 0.9g is saturated
Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for freezing

Soft, pitted Agen prunes 200g (7oz), roughly chopped
Lemon and orange 1 of each, grated zest and juice
White or dark rum 4 tbsp
Soft dark brown sugar 50g (2oz)
Eggs 3, beaten
Ready-to-eat dried apricots 110g (4oz), roughly chopped
Raisins and sultanas 150g (5oz) each
Freshly prepared mango and pineapple flesh 110g (4oz) of each, cut into 1cm (½in) cubes
Maraschino cherries 110g (4oz), drained and quartered
Wholemeal breadcrumbs 200g (7oz)
Pineapple slices 4, cut into wedges to serve, optional
Holly sprigs to decorate, optional

1 Grease 8 x 200ml (7fl oz) pudding moulds with butter and base line with baking paper. Cut 8 larger rounds from baking paper and foil for covering.

2 Put all ingredients except pineapple slices into a large bowl. Mix well, spoon into moulds and smooth tops. Place larger paper rounds on top and cover securely with foil.

3 Steam puddings for 2 hours and then for 45 minutes to reheat. When ready to serve, turn puddings out, decorate with holly sprigs and serve with pineapple slices, if using.

Puddings can be prepared 6-8 weeks before Christmas and then reheated on the day.

Recipe taken from the 2010 Dairy Diary.

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