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Delicious drinks for drivers

Delicious non-alcoholic festive drinks

Most of us stock up on booze in the run-up to Christmas; the ubiquitous Baileys and maybe advocaat for snowballs. The drivers are often left with unexciting lemonade or coke, which feels decidedly ‘unChristmassy’.

Here, I’ve shared four delicious festive drinks perfect for drivers (or for children) that make them feel special too. Serve with a mince pie or Christmas flapjack.

Fruity Punch

Winter Warmer

Café Noisette

Hot Chocella

Emily Davenport

Head of Dairy Diary; I’m passionate about producing high quality products that our customers will cherish. I’m also a mum of three and I enjoy cooking, walking, gardening and art with my family, as well as lino printing (if I find time!)

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