Daily Archives: 23 October 2021

Really Cute Conker Crafts

Whilst the children (and my husband!) adore collecting conkers, we end up with an annual stash that no one knows what to do with.

This year, we going to get creative and make conker creatures.

Glue gun
Small twigs
White and black fine marker pens (Marabu Creative Colours)
Pink paper

Conker Bear
Drawn on eyes and feet
Glued on ears

Sleepy Conker Mouse
Curled up mouse asleep
Drawn on eyes
Glued on pink paper tail and ear

Conker Hedgehog
Upside down hedgehog
Drawn on spines and eyes

Conker Spider (great for Halloween decorations)
Twig legs with drawn-on eyes

Conker Bat
Paper wings and ears with drawn-on eyes.

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