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Quirky British Foods

Boodle's Orange Fool

A few years ago, I visited an American BBQ themed restaurant in Liverpool whilst enjoying a cultured weekend away with my partner.

I chose what many might think is an odd combination – a doughnut beef burger; yes, it is just as it sounds a beef burger in a glazed ring doughnut.

The combination of sweet and savoury for me was absolutely delicious!

It got me thinking about what quirky British foods our country had to offer, so I flicked through the trusty Around Britain cookbook for inspiration!

Of course, the book is filled with mouth-watering recipes from across the British Isles, but a few caught my eye due to their quirky names! From Cumberland Rum Nicky to Wardens in Comfort.

One particularly fresh and zesty sounding dessert, perfect for this warm weather is the Boodle’s Orange Fool. Named after the Boodle’s Club in St James’s Street, London.

Boodle’s is a Private Members’ Club, founded in 1762 by the Earl of Shelburne, moved to its present premises at 28 St. James’s Street in 1782. The Club was named after its Head Waiter, Edward Boodle.

We’d love to know what dish your local region is famous for? Let us know in the comments below!

Try Boodle’s Orange Fool

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