Birds to look out for in your garden part 2

The Blue Tit

Spring begins today, thank goodness


The beginning of warmer weather, lighter evenings and new flora and fauna.

Watching the high jinks of the irrepressible blue tit around the garden is always a delight.

Here’s the introduction from a fascinating article on the Blue Tit.

Blue Tits on branch

The Blue Tit

Watching the high jinks of the irrepressible blue tit around the garden, on the bird-table or in the woods is always a delight.

As the only resident blue-and-yellow bird in the garden, the blue tit is easy to spot as it flutters from bush to tree, visits the bird-table or flies in and out of a nest-box. Blue tits are fearless, entertaining gymnasts too, whether going topsy- turvy on a bird-feeder or dangling from a wispy twig.

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Emily Davenport
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