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Brand new and beautiful Dairy Diary Notecards

Dairy Diary Notecards

The joy of receiving real post


When was the last time you received a hand-written letter? I can’t even remember.

Nowadays, most correspondence is via text or social media, which can be speedy and easy for quick catch-ups and for making arrangements, but receiving a real letter brings far more joy.

A hand-written letter, or a message just to show that you care, can really lift someone’s day. This year, in particular, most people have had difficult situations to deal with and a simple piece of post is a welcome distraction.


Dairy Diary Notecards

We have produced a beautiful set of notecards – brand new for this year.

There are four different designs, each with a calm and uplifting image on the front, and cute matching stickers to stick on the back of the envelope.

These 20 notecards, envelopes and sticker sheet all come in a lovely box that also matches your Dairy Diary.



Dairy Diary Notecards


Dairy Diary Notecards

Available now for just £5.99.







Recipe of the Week: Fire Cooked Vegetables

Fire-Cooked Vegetables

Perfect for the Barbecue

Now we’re past the summer solstice, the nights will soon be drawing in and it’s a welcome end to summer to sit out and enjoy the mellow evening sunlight.

A barbecue, as well as cooking scrumptious food, is handy for some additional heat with unpredictable British temperatures!

This recipe from the 2021 Dairy Diary is perfect for cooking on the barbie, and for serving with your favourite barbecued fish, meat and/or burgers.

Fire Cooked Vegetables 




One of many gorgeous recipes – the best ever according to our photography team – in the brand-new Dairy Diary.

Available to buy online now, or from your milkman very soon.





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Enjoy Seasonal Produce

Seared Salmon with Quick-Pickled Veg

During the past few months, our local farm shop (which also happens to be our nearest) has been invaluable.

I think that shopping locally has become more important to us all, and to be able to enjoy locally grown produce is something that many of us would also like to embrace.

To enjoy British-grown produce, eating seasonally is essential, and in August we’re particularly lucky to have a wealth of ingredients to choose from.

There are fragrant tomatoes, crisp radishes and plump raspberries to name but a few. Take a look at our Seasonal Food Calendar for more info.


And this scrumptious salmon recipe from the 2021 Dairy Diary uses lots of seasonal ingredients. Just omit the avocado if you want to only buy British as I don’t think we can grow them in our climate.

Seared Salmon with Quick-Pickled Veg



This is just one of many amazing recipes in the 2021 diary, which is available to buy online now, or from your milkman soon.





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Recipe of the Week: Nutty Seeded Burgers

A delicious Nutty Seeded Burgers on Brioche recipe from Dairy Diary

Veggie Burgers with Real Flavour


We have a fabulous new recipe collection which is well worth a look…

6 Superb Barbecue Recipes

From this collection, I particularly love the Nutty Seeded Burgers.

They are perfect for vegetarians, or for those days when you fancy a break from meat.

They offer real flavour and a crunchy texture, and are completely delicious served with salad on a bun.

Nutty Seeded Burgers






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School Holiday Bake: Galaxy Star Biscuits

Galaxy Star Biscuits

After months of home-schooling, I think many of us are well and truly running out of ideas for keeping children entertained


This fab recipe will help to pass the time productively.

It is great for all children, young and old (and adults too of course), as it’s simple and fun, but gives impressive results.

Aprons recommended!


Galaxy Star Biscuits 








Make the perfect Pimm’s

Make the perfect Pimm's

There’s something delightfully civilised about serving a jug of Pimm’s


It always makes me feel summery and reminds me of village fetes and weddings, and sunshine.

There may be fewer summer events this year, but we can still enjoy a jug of this fruity cocktail.

Click here for the classic Pimm’s recipe




Pimm’s Celebration Cake

If you missed it, you must also make the Pimm’s Celebration Cake

It’s a stunner!









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