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Christmas Crafting

Homemade Christmas Cards

Fun and Simple Window Decorations and Cards

There’s something very satisfying about making your own cards and decorations, and if they don’t cost much, even better!

These two projects are perfect for creating with children as they’re so simple, but that’s not obligatory, they’re really fun to do by yourself too!


Homemade Christmas Cards

Window Snow Scenes

White paper
Craft knife
Cutting mat
White Tack or invisible tape

1 In pencil, at the bottom of a piece of paper, draw a gently sloping hillside with trees, buildings, and animals too, if you like.

2 Cut around the outline with scissors.

3 Adults only! Cut out windows and doors with a craft knife.

4 Affix to your windows with tiny pieces of White Tack or invisible tape.



Artic Animal Christmas Cards

Dark blue or black cards
White Paint
Cotton wool
Black pen
Small black buttons (optional)
Star stickers or embellishments
Glue (if using a button and/or embellishment)

1 Draw a feint outline of your artic animal. We drew a fox and polar bear.

2 Load your paintbrush with paint and tap to create ‘snow’ paint all over the card.

3 ‘Sponging’ with cotton wool, fill in your animal in white. You may need to twist the cotton wool to a point for any narrow bits. Allow to dry.

4 Draw an eye with black pen, and also a nose, or you could stick on a small black button, if you like.

5 Stick or glue a star in place.


Thanks to Jasmine and Maisy, my eight-year-old girls, for producing the artwork for this blog.




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