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Recipe of the Week: Mini Egg Rocky Road

Mini Egg Rocky Road

Perfect for Making with Little Ones

This cute little bake is great fun and simple to make with children. And it’s a huge hit with anyone who tastes it – young and old alike!


Mini Egg Rocky Road

  • Servings: 16 squares
  • Difficulty: easy
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Calories 175 per portion
Fat 11g (6g sat) per portion
Suitable for vegetarians


  • Butter 110g (4oz)
  • Milk chocolate 110g (4oz), chopped
  • Digestive biscuits 110g (4oz)
  • Chocolate mini eggs 110g (4oz)
  • Mini marshmallows 110g (4oz)
  • Dried cranberries 25g (1oz)


  1. Line an 18cm (7in) square baking tin with cling film.
  2. Place butter and chocolate in a large bowl and microwave for about 1 minute, until melted, checking frequently.
  3. Put biscuits and mini eggs into a strong polythene bag and bash with a rolling pin until broken up. Stir into chocolate with marshmallows and cranberries.
  4. Press into tin and refrigerate for at least an hour until firm. Remove from tin and cut into 16 squares.

A Dairy Diary recipe.








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