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Recipe of the Week: Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Wrap your mittened fingers around a mug of this scrumptious drink this autumn and you’ll soon feel warm and cosy

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Calories 267 per portion
Fat 13g (5g sat) per portion
Suitable for vegetarians


  • Milk 600ml (1 pint)
  • Chocolate hazelnut spread 3 tbsp
  • Orange ¼, finely grated zest


  1. Heat the milk in a pan with the chocolate spread, stirring until dissolved. Stir in the orange zest, pour into cups and serve immediately.

This is taken from our fantastic new cookbook; Dairy Diary Favourites.. To find out more click here.



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