How to clean silver jewellery in seconds

Sparkling Silver Jewellery in Seconds!

After much coveting from my two little girls, yesterday I decided to have a jewellery sort out and donate to them anything that I no longer wear.

How to clean silver jewelleryI actually discovered that I no longer wear many of my necklaces because they looked so dull and tarnished.


Rather than donating everything to the girls I remembered a tip about cleaning silver jewellery I read years ago in the Dairy Diary (where would we be without it?)


How to clean silver jewellery

To clean my necklaces, I covered a saucer with aluminium foil and added 1 tbsp bicarbonate of soda, 1 tbsp salt and stirred in a little hot water.

I then removed all the pendants from the chains and put the chains into the water.

After swirling the necklaces in the mixture I rinsed each one to reveal a super-sparkly chain. Woohoo.

It was like having a new set of jewellery to wear (though much cheaper!)



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