Organise your kitchen in 3 easy steps



Spruce up for spring:

organise your kitchen in 3 easy steps

(no DIY skills required!)

I know how you love to be organised – you use the Dairy Diary after all! So I thought I would share a few clever ways to organise your kitchen.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to whip up a few fairy cakes, then all your baking equipment topples out of the cupboard the moment you try to retrieve something. This can be remedied in just a few hours.

I spent a morning, and just a few pounds creating a much more user-friendly kitchen. I can’t wait to get cooking! (Or will I not want to disturb my beautifully arranged cupboards?!)

 1.    First declutter:

Before you begin to re-arrange things, first go through everything you have. If there is any crockery, kitchen equipment etc. that you haven’t used for over a year donate it or recycle it. Check use-by dates and throw out any foods past their date. Then think about putting items nearest to where you actually use them and swap the contents of a few cupboard/drawers around. Change the height of shelves to best fit what they contain.

 2.    Invest a few quid:

Spend a few pounds (in one of those bargain shops that only charge a £1) on baskets of various sizes and jars. Or keep any baskets, tins and jars from packaging – they can be much prettier than bought ones too.

 3.     Now organise:



Under the sink

Roll up cloths neatly and pop into a tray, use a bucket or box with a handle for cleaning equipment, use a plastic shower box with suckers to attach to the door for dishwasher tablets and pop any other bits and bobs into baskets.



Baking equipment and ‘Tupperware’

These work much better in a deep drawer if you have one. Sort into shapes, then sizes, and stack neatly inside one another. Line trays and larger thinner tins up on their side so that they are easy to access and don’t take up a lot of space. Do you same with sandwich box lids. Squeeze any drinks bottles into spaces you have left. Use a box or tray for cookie cutters and cake decorating equipment.



Food stuff

Sort into food types – cans and packets of convenience food; cooking sauces and ingredients; herbs and spices; oils and vinegars, baking ingredients; cereals etc. Pack into various trays, tins or baskets suitable for the shelf and food, then label (you can download free labels from here. Pop measuring spoons with the ingredients that require them. They are much easier to find that at the bottom of the utensil drawer!





Cookery books

Arrange by colour, type or size and pop into a cupboard or on a shelf. Place any loose recipes inside a file or stick into a book and keep take-away menus in a folder.




If you end up with post and notes piled up on the work surface, invest a couple of pounds in a letter rack. File away items from it once a week so that it doesn’t overflow and keep a notebook in the front for shopping lists. Stick your weekly meal planner and current shopping list onto the fridge with a magnetic clip. You could also store a list of your favourite meals here for useful reference.


Now, make yourself a cuppa and chill out. You deserve it!








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