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2014 diary launched | Dairy Diary 2014 now available

2014 diary


It’s here! The 2014 Dairy Diary.

Officially launched today. Hurrah!!

Life working on the Dairy Diary can be a strange one – you never know what year you’re in for a start.  The 2014 Dairy Diary is brand new to everyone else, but Marion our editor, Karen our designer and I have been working on it since early in 2012! So, it’s a huge delight to be able to properly, finally, launch it.

I know I would say this, but I honestly think it’s the best yet. We have refreshed the design inside so it has a more modern, magaziney feel but it’s still uber user-friendly and Dairy Diaryesque.

And of course it’s packed full of the most delicious triple-tested recipes, many with a distinctly seasonal twist. My personal favourites include Cauliflower & Potato Curry, Crunchy Alaska Salmon Goujons and St George’s Day Pudding.

The features are simply fascinating and include food for kids, anti-ageing foods, companion planting and my personal favourite super-cute mice – a gorgeous project for crocheting the cutest little mouses.

2014 diary contents

The best bit about the Dairy Diary though; is the diary itself. Not only is there plenty of space to write each day – essential for us with busy families – it also has dainty little dates stickers for those important events, such as birthdays that we really need to remember. Try to hide them from the children though or they’ll be adorning the front of their t-shirt rather than the diary (it’s lucky a can get some spares!)

There’s also a handy pocket for stashing all those notes that get lost amongst the hairclips, odd socks and wet wipes in the bottom of your handbag (or is that just me?!)

So if you’re looking for the perfect planning tool for 2014 look no further, the Dairy Diary has it all.

It’s great value at £7.25 and ON SALE NOW.

Click here to order or leave a note out with your empties if you have a milkman.


Cauliflower & Potato CurryAnd as a little taster here is
one of my chosen recipes.

Cauliflower & Potato Curry 








Click here to order or leave a note out with your empties if you have a milkman.

Top 10 Tips for Saving Money on Your Weekly Shop



Top 10 Tips for Saving Money

on Your Weekly Shop

Last week saw the very welcome announcement of free school dinners for infant school children, which will help many families (us included) from next September. But there’s no escaping the fact that feeding our families is becoming more expensive.

As food prices rise, it’s more important than ever for parents to shop and cook savvy in order to provide good, nutritious food. As a biggish family with one income we have implemented several money-saving policies in order to keep our weekly shop affordable. These include:

  • Choosing meat and fish on multi-buy offers and freezing it until required.
  • Purchasing one bottle of wine instead of two!
  • Buying detergents and cleaning products from budget supermarkets such as Aldi.
  • Potty training! The sooner we no longer have to buy nappies, the better.
  • Using our breadmaker – homemade bread is so much more tasty and cheaper.
  • Drinking tap water instead of fruit juice (better for your teeth too).
  • Slow-cooking cheaper cuts of meat e.g. pot roast beef for Sunday lunch cooked in stock with a splash of soy sauce and a blob of mustard. This also makes great sandwich fillers for the week ahead.
  • Making soup with any leftover veg from the fridge.
  • Filling out dishes such as cottage pie and spaghetti Bolognese with lentils, carrots etc. to make the mince go further.
  • And saving the best til last – baking! Homemade cakes, biscuits and flapjacks taste so much better than shop-bought and are SO much less expensive.

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Summer Fête Lemon Cakle

And on the subject of baking, why not do a good deed this week? Bake a cake for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday.

There’s bound to be bake sale near you (I’ll be sneaking off from work to join the one at my son’s school). Check out their website here



How about baking this fabulous Lemon Cake from the 2014 Dairy Diary?

It cuts into 16 squares so will make plenty of money for a brilliant cause.


Anyone got some spare matchsticks?

Dairy Diary stand at the Womans Weekly Live show


Anyone got some spare matchsticks?

Ok, so last week began with not one but two electric shocks courtesy of our delightful cooker ‘kindly’ left in our house by its previous owner.

We had a new kitchen planned for October (so we could all move into my parents’ house while they were away) but this rather alarming development means that the old cooker has been condemned and we need our kitchen now!

This resulted in me trying to entertain three children yesterday while rain lashed at the windows and we tried to keep out of the way of my other half battling with a myriad of cowboy jobs and get our new floor and kitchen fitted.

This is all on my one day off after Woman’s Weekly Live!

I have to admit, I am struggling 
a little this morning and could
use some matchsticks to prop
open my eyes!

The show was fantastic though, we met lots and lots of lovely people and everyone adored the new books. They couldn’t wait to get home and start cooking from Clever One Pot and were amazed by how much is contained in the 2014 Dairy Diary.

Being a little soft and used to sitting in a comfy chair at a comfy desk those three days on my feet have completely wiped me out. This week will definitely be all about comfort food and catching up on sleep, which does tie in rather nicely with this inclement weather suddenly forced upon us.

Sausage & Cider CasseroleFirst on my comfort food list is
Sausage & Cider Casserole
from next year’s Dairy Diary.

I just hope that I have shopped
appropriately. Late night internet
shopping may just result in bags
of junk foods being delivered!


Visit us at Woman’s Weekly Live 2013

Woman's Weekly Live


Fancy a drink on us?

Are you free Thursday, Friday or Saturday this week? Then come along to see us at Woman’s Weekly Live in Event City (next to the Trafford Centre in Manchester).

We will have a stand to show off all our brand new books, and we will be offering some VERY special show offers.

Woman’s Weekly Live is the must-go-to event of 2013.

Woman's Weekly LiveThere really is a huge amount on offer – you can choose to get creative at one of the craft and knitting workshops, relax and enjoy the fashion area, learn how to write and publish your own fiction, get some great gardening ideas, see the latest health and beauty tips, plus so much more.

We’ve been very busy during the past couple of weeks organising designs, ordering supplies including our show special Dairy Diary polo shirts! You won’t be able to miss us in our bespoke purple attire. We have never had a uniform before!

We will even be offering
refreshing chilled lemonade
to quench your thirst after
all that shopping and creating.

Refreshing lemonade

We hope to see you there!
If you can’t make it, then
perhaps you can have a go
at making your own lemonade.

Refreshing Lemonade

This recipe comes from
the 2014 Dairy Diary
on sale now!!

Summary : Woman’s Weekly Live 2013. Visit the Dairy Diary stand for some very special offers on the Dairy Diary 2014, Clever One Pot cookbook and Dairy Book of Home Cookery. Plus help yourself to a refreshing lemonade.

Refreshing Homemade Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade


Refreshing Lemonade

Caster sugar 200g (7oz)
Lemons 8 large, finely grated zest and juice (giving about 200ml/7fl oz)
Ice to serve

1 Tip sugar, lemon zest and juice into a heavy-based pan with 1 litre (1¾ pints) water and heat gently until sugar has dissolved. Taste and adjust sugar and lemon juice to taste.

2 Remove pan from the heat and leave to cool. Strain liquid (if wished) into a jug filled with ice.

A Dairy Diary recipe.

Competition | Win a £50 Next Gift Card

Competition | Win a £50 Next Gift Card


Competition | Win a £50 Next Gift Card

Start the new season in style.

Clever One Pot cookbookTo celebrate the launch of the Clever One Pot cookbook we are giving you the opportunity to update your wardrobe with a Next Gift Card worth £50.

Cook delicious yet fuss-free meals with this inspirational new cookbook. It features an exciting blend of easy traditional and modern British recipes to suit all tastes for everyday cooking.

To enter simply answer the question, “How many times are the Clever One Pot recipes tested?”

Hint: you can find the answer on the Clever One Pot website.

Enter here.



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