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Sneak Peek! Behind the Scenes at a Dairy Cookbook Photo Shoot

Behind the scenes at a Dairy Cookbook photoshoot

Sneak Peek! Behind the Scenes at a Dairy Cookbook Photo Shoot

Last week we began photography for the NEXT cookbook. Yes, we have only just launched the current book, Clever One Pot, but time doesn’t stand still in Dairydiaryland and we have the press on with the next products.

Although long days, I love going to photo shoots. I am a sucker for beautiful props and love to see the creativity going on all around me. We had a very successful couple of days (with a bonus delicious meal one evening) and have made a fantastic start on the images. Two days done, seven more to go!

I always get positive comments (and those that don’t are rewritten) from my recipe testers – a band of friends and family who happily cook all our recipes to ensure they work – but this year almost every single recipe has been given 9 or 10 out of 10 for taste! High praise indeed. In fact, my other half tested a Spiced Cottage Pie a couple of weeks’ ago that I still dream about now – we will never make the ordinary version again. It was visionary but so incredibly easy! I’m afraid, blogetts, you have another year to wait for this book, but believe me, it will be worth the wait.

Clever One Pot cookbook recipesIn the meantime, why
not treat yourself to
this year’s fantastic book,
Clever One Pot?

It’s beautiful, practical and
contains over one hundred
recipes for fabulous fuss-free food.

Try this seasonal salad from
Clever One Pot Salad Panzanella

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