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The Joy of the Deli Counter

The joy of the deli counter


The Joy of the Deli Counter

As the breadwinner (not a nice word, a.k.a. the one who escapes to the office rather than the one who has the much harder job of looking after the children) in a family of five, I am always looking for ways to economise whilst still eating well.

I have recently discovered the joys of the deli counter.

For those who have been shopping like this for years I apologise, but it’s like a revolution for me! Despite my rigorous approach to fridge management – I despise throwing away food – we often find ourselves wasting a couple of slices of cold meat when they are out of date. Unlike cheese or fruit and veg I always stick to the use-by dates on meat. It’s particularly aggrieving as it’s not cheap to buy! A good-quality packet of meat can cost several pounds.

I considered stopping buying cold meat altogether but it is so useful for our family for quick and tasty meals: Combined with a scrummy chutney for a speedy sandwich. On the side of a baked potato with lots of salad and some pickle. Children’s tea served with de-frosted mash (we always cook a huge batch and then freeze children’s-sized portions), peas and a splash of gravy – instant ‘ready meal’.

So, I decided to try the deli counter in our local supermarket. Woohoo! There was so much choice; I could buy apple-roasted ham, free range turkey and many other delights. Of course, I could also purchase as much as we need rather than the number of slices a packet dictates. After choosing carefully I discovered it could cost half the price of my usual purchases. Win, win, win.

I visited our local delicatessen this morning too. It’s hard to avoid temptation in such a culinary Aladdin’s cave. I could have spent a fortune. But I stuck to my list and came away with just three slices of cranberry-roast ham and a pot of home-made coleslaw. It set me back the princely sum of £2.60 and will make several delicious lunches.

So if you’re on a budget or you love good food (or both) pop in to your local deli or deli counter. You can pick up some delicious morsels at great prices – just avoid those delectable stuffed olives than will set you back a fiver for a tiny handful!

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