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Say no to 0870

Say no to 0870


Say no to 0870

The next pocket diary is now finished and has gone off to print (thank goodness!) This is never one of my favourite jobs, as there are no images or fun features but lots of facts and figures to check and edit correctly.

However, it has to be done properly and my challenge this year was to see how it could be improved.

It is sold in the Set with the Dairy Diary, which is usually kept in the home. The pocket diary is usually kept in a handbag so I wanted to ensure that any information it provides would be useful outside of the home.

Therefore, any contact numbers
should be relevant to mobile phones.
This is where my challenge got a bit
more difficult.

The majority of businesses (including us, though this is something we will change) provide 08 contact numbers. These are usually charged at a local rate from a landline, which is great. HOWEVER they cost a lot more from a mobile and are not usually included in any free minute packages.

I found a website saynoto0870.com which is extremely helpful. Using this I have managed to track down the majority of numbers and give their 01 alternative. These 01… numbers can also be useful if your home phone contract does not allow 08 numbers within any free minute packages too, though I think most are changing their policies to allow these now.

One number that is did discover is a 0300 number, this has been set up by Ofcom to try and regulate the industry. Calls to 03 numbers must be included in any inclusive minute packages offered by all landline and mobile providers. Let’s hope that there are more of these in the future.

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