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Celebrate St George’s Day

Celebrate St George's Day with this marvellous bread pudding recipe.


Celebrate St George’s Day with this

clever Bread Pudding Recipe

When I commission a home economist to write recipes for the Dairy Diary they first supply me with a recipe ideas list. And oh what a treat!

This is one of my favourite elements of my job – choosing a final recipe selection from this list.

It’s never a good idea to read
through it before lunch though,
as it makes me ravenous.

I plan the recipes according to the season and to reflect any special events. That is why St George’s Day Bread Pudding caught my eye. I thought it would be perfect for this week in 2014.

However, I also felt a little baffled by its title. How was a bread pud related to St George’s Day? Obviously bread pudding is a very traditional recipe and it does originate here but that was the only link to St George I could discern. That is until I saw the pic (above).

How clever is that? It looks like lots of little St George’s Cross flags. And you won’t believe just how divine it tastes too. It’s actually ended up more like a bread and butter pudding, but who cares about that…..just enjoy it. I have and I will be enjoying it again this week to celebrate St George’s Day.

St George’s Day Bread Pudding

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