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How to Create a Healthy Eating Plan

How to create a healthy eating plan


Creating my Healthy Eating Plan

I have a couple of significant and glamorous birthday parties looming and they have given me the kick up the trousers I need to sort out my diet.

Yes, I eat prettily healthily – I don’t drink sugary drinks (except from the odd glass of wine of course!), I don’t live on ready meals, I try to avoid too much pastry and I rarely eat takeaways.

BUT my downfall is my sweet
tooth, particularly chocolate.

I tend to snack on sugary things a little too often, which is not a great idea given that I have a higher than average chance of developing late-onset diabetes. So, these few pounds that I want to lose for the parties have made me reflect on what I eat and how I eat and I am determined to change my habits forever and hopefully avoid health problems later in life.

My main problem is that many of the foods I currently eat give me a quick blood sugar high followed by a sharp drop. I should be eating foods that keep me fuller for longer and release their energy slowly.

So, this is my plan of action.

  • On my plate always have ¼ carbs, ¼ lean meat or fish and ½ veg or salad.
  • Limit my bread consumption, eating a little wholemeal in the week and treating myself to some gorgeous homemade white toast and butter on a Sunday morning only.
  • Eat a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack. Either a piece of fruit or a small handful of almonds.
  • Eat wholewheat pasta (and as above, less of it) and basmati rice or brown rice.
  • Eat fat free Greek yogurt after dinner (with blueberries or a tiny drizzle of honey) instead of my usual snack-size bag of Maltesters.
  • On a Friday night, let my hair down and ignore all of the above! Well, you only live once




Beef Burgers with Mixed Grain SaladWhat are your top tips
for staying fit and healthy?

Try out this Beef Burgers with
Mixed Grain Salad recipe from
the 2014 Dairy Diary.

It ticks all of the boxes, and is
quick and tasty too!


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